The wogly has the deepest, bluest skin and two winky eyes. It’s shaped like a torus. Inside the wogly it’s empty.

Bob’s never seen a wogly before. He hops up onto the balcony railing. He walks out across the sky. He stands, silhouetted against the stars. He cups his hand under the wogly and holds it up close to his eyes. He listens to it hiss.

“What are you?” he says.

It rotates. “I am a wogly,” it says. “I am devouring the integrity of the world.”

Sometimes you will encounter a wogly!

You will meet a wogly when you think your world makes sense, but on some secret level it doesn’t, quite. That’s not what woglies are. That’s not where they come from. But that’s where you find them!

Woglies come in many colors.

For instance, the wogly Bob met had pale blue skin and two winky eyes. But there are also other woglies that are red, instead, or green!

Inside a wogly it is empty.

There is room inside a wogly for other wheels, or spokes, but these things are not there. There is just the wogly and the emptiness.

It is an emptiness that devours.

It is an emptiness that devours the integrity of the world.

Woglies tend to eat the integrity of things that makes them as they are. They’re not mortal so they can live on that kind of diet, but they’re not gods either so it’s hard to understand how they survive or what they’d like. They’re primordial things, contradictions given life. They float. They rotate. They wink their eyes. They’re sentient but not like human stuff.

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