The Kings of the unforgivable Dominions live “before the world.”

Before the First Kingdom

Maya promises to know everybody’s pains and end suffering.

Third Kingdom

The Flood destroys most of the Nephilim, but leaves a remnant.

1715 BCE
Sodom and Gomorrah are destroyed. Lia and Amiel are spared. Maya turns into a pillar of salt.

1335 BCE
(Post) Demeter gives birth to Persephone.

1320 BCE
(Post) Persephone almost destroys the world.

1317 BCE
(Post) Hades kidnaps Persephone.

1315 BCE
Tantalus begins his quest to learn the secrets of the gods.

1290 BCE
Pelops woos Hippodamia.

1223 BCE
Spring: Thyestes considers redeeming his line, then rejects the notion.

1212 BCE
Aegisthus becomes a monster.
Cyane, a nymph, becomes Magic A.
Pelopia plans to become Evasive A.

Third Tyranny

703 BCE
Ella becomes the first hero of Lia’s line.

580s BCE
(Post) Prajapati creates the demons Rahu and Ketu, who eat sun and moon gods whenever they can.

586 BCE
The Kingdom of Judah falls.

583 BCE
Maya kills Prajapati’s monster.

581 BCE
Madhav saves King Suddhodana’s life.

577 BCE
July: (Post) Maya acquires the power of the Ultimate Monarch. She demands that the Deva Setaketu enter her womb so that she can give birth to him as a wheel-turning Sage King.

576 BCE
May: (Post) Maya gives birth to Siddhartha. Prajapati hides her suffering in the fetch Yasodhara.

572 BCE
(Post) Six-year-old Nabonidus creates his first two gods, Ninlil and a fiend.

570 BCE
Nabonidus creates the moon god Sin.

Sin impregnates Ella, who conceives and then gives birth to Mylitta and her brother.

Nabonidus becomes a monster.

561 BCE
Late December: Devadatta shoots down Yasodhara, who was, at the time, in the shape of a dove.**

(Post) Siddhartha saves Yasodhara.

(Post) Madhav shoots Prajapati, who does not resent it.

560 BCE
January: **(Post) Siddhartha falls in love with Yasodhara.

556 BCE
Spring: **(Post) On the last day of spring, Mylitta descends into the Underworld.

Summer: (Post) Mylitta takes her turn as a sacred prostitute. She meets the monster.

Summer: **(Post) The monster frees his gods.

554 BCE
(Post) Siddhartha encounters an old man and learns the Maya-Dharma.

550 BCE
(Post) Siddhartha encounters a sick man.

(Post) Mylitta and the monster ride a chimera to the temple of Sin.

(Post) Belshazzar is born.

548 BCE
(Post) Belshazzar eats a cockatrice’s nature, asking: “But why would a serpent coil around an egg?”

547 BCE
(Post) Siddhartha sees a corpse.

546 BCE
(Post) Siddhartha and Yasodhara have a son.

543 BCE
Belshazzar eats zombie Nitocris’ nature, asking: “What lingers in the body after death?”

540 BCE
(Post) The hero falls before the monster.

539 BCE
(Post) Chen Yu casts the I Ching poorly, arguably breaking the world. Bad Chen Yu! Be more careful with the I Ching!**

(Post) Mylitta breaks.

(Post) Belshazzar devours himself; the Buddha achieves enlightenment.

538 BCE
Babylon falls.

More than 70 Years Before Christ’s Death
At Golgotha, a monster’s family cuts the tendons of his arms and legs and leaves him there for the birds and beasts to devour.

Fourth Kingdom

715 CE
Sabin weds a princess.

Fourth Tyranny

1809 CE
(Post) Secret history of Abraham Lincoln.

1925 CE
Someone creates Vicious Lily to advance the cause of Impressionism.

1961 CE
Tina becomes a killer of gods.

1968 CE

September 23: Persephone takes Priyanka into the Underworld to free Tantalus, but Priyanka doesn’t.

1973 CE
Jenna and Sebastien live in a cedar house.

1974 CE
January: The Pandora Squad begins stocking the tunnels.

January: Jenna hears about the monster for the first time.

April: Jenna dies, revives, and goes to live in the tunnels.

1975 CE
Karen succumbs to woglies.

The monster pulls Mei Ming from the shadow’s womb.

1976 CE
Daniel deals with Mr. Banks and Ms. Bell.

1980 CE
Midyear: Alan is born.

1981 CE
December: Jenna meets Ninja Tathagata and Dukkha. Ninja Tathagata leaves behind a forest.

(Post) Tina extracts Iphigenia.

1983 CE
Winter: The spiders in the tunnels go hungry.

1989 CE
Winter: Bob meets the wogly. The firewood world is born.

1995 CE
Parvati begins living in the temple.

March 22, at 6:38 pm: (Post) Martin is born on a night of screams and fire.

March 22-26: (Post), (Post), (Post), (Post), (Post) Martin descends into the Underworld.

1996 CE
Mr. Schiff judges Martin’s science project.

1997 CE
(Post) Parvati’s temple catches fire.

Martin visits Mei Ming.

1999+ CE
Erin becomes Forbidden A.

2001 CE
Martin meets the monster.

2002 CE
Train Morgan visits the facility on Elm Hill.

(Post) Tina brushes Iphigenia’s hair.

2004 CE
January: **The shadow eats Mr. P’s arms.

January 18: (Post) Professor Jones observes the footsoldiers questioning pie to achieve piece.

February 22: (Post) The contemner kills Ellen.

March 17: Leila attempts to drown herself in reaction to the contemner’s judgment.

April 3: Martin’s letter reaches the monster.

April 17: Tainted John begins his one-year pact.

April 18: Micah surrenders.

April 19: Partial solar eclipse in the real world.

April ??: (Post) Sebastien and the monster cross the bridge back from the chaos. Although recorded as April 25, this does not appear to be accurate.

April ??: (Post) Sebastien and the monster talk about God.

April ??: (Post) Tina kills Iphigenia …

April ??: . . . but Jane substitutes a Cadbury bunny.

April 20: (Post) Liril and Micah head to Elm Hill.

April ??: (Post) Cheryl gets a raw deal.

April 23: (Post), (Post), (Post) Sebastien and the monster arrive at Central.

April ??: (Post) Tantalus joins the tower’s cast.

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