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Jane holds Broderick up. “Broderick never tells me that he is right. He never tells me that he is wiser, or smarter, or better, or knows more. He never tells me he’s doing the right thing. But sometimes he is.”
— The Girl and the Rat

Third Kingdom
1715 BCE Sodom and Gomorrah are destroyed.
Lia and Amiel are spared.
Maya turns into a pillar of salt.
1315 BCE Tantalus begins his quest to learn the secrets of the gods.
1290 BCE Pelops woos Hippodamia.
1223 BCE Spring Thyestes considers redeeming his line, then rejects the notion.
1212 BCE Aegisthus becomes a monster.
Cyane, a nymph, becomes Magic A.
Pelopia plans to become Evasive A.

Best-laid plans of mice gang aft agley; possible implications regarding human project management.
— Broderick summarizes Thyestes (III/IV)

Third Tyranny
703 BCE Ella becomes the first hero of Lia’s line.
586 BCE Kingdom of Judah falls. Earliest possible date for the Mylitta/monster confrontation.
538 BCE Babylon falls. Latest possible date for the Mylitta/monster confrontation.

Jesus-loving mice display successful integration of church, state, cheese.
— Broderick summarizes The Interpretation of Spam

Fourth Kingdom
715 CE Sabin weds a Princess

Rat-run airline creates pre-boarding security maze.
— Broderick summarizes In a World Rapidly Turning to Cards

Fourth Tyranny
1925 CE Vicious Lily is created to advance the cause of Impressionism.
1973 CE Jenna and Sebastien live in a cedar house.
1974 CE January The Pandora Squad begins stocking the tunnels.
Jenna hears about the monster for the first time.
April Jenna dies, revives, and goes to live in the tunnels.
1975 CE Karen succumbs to woglies.
The monster pulls Mei Ming from the shadow’s womb.
1976 CE Daniel deals with Mr. Banks and Ms. Bell
1980 CE Midyear Alan is born.
1981 CE December Jenna meets Ninja Tathagata and Dukkha.
Ninja Tathagata leaves behind a forest.
1983 CE Winter The spiders in the tunnels go hungry.
1989 CE Winter Bob meets the wogly.
The firewood world is born.
1997 CE Martin visits Mei Ming.
1999+ CE Erin becomes Forbidden A
2001 CE Martin meets the monster.
2004 CE January The shadow eats Mr. P.’s arms.
April 3 Martin’s letter reaches the monster.
April 17 Tainted John begins his one-year pact.
April 18 Micah surrenders.
Note to Readers

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Rats demonstrate a perfect Marxist state.
— Broderick summarizes The Problem with Elves