The Professional Sufferer

Posted on December 27, 2004 by Jenna

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It is 3186. It is Christmas. There is a scream.

Meredith looks over. She blinks. “Who’s that?”

John is curled up on a bench nearby. He just screamed. Now he is simply panting.

“He’s a sufferer,” Clair notes.

“Wow. Like, in some kind of club?”

“Nope,” Clair says. “It’s actually his job.”


“I think he’s on some kind of agony medication.”

“I’d wondered.”

Clair and Meredith walk on. After a while, there is another scream, and then an unending series.

“I can’t believe they make him work on Christmas,” Meredith says.


“I can’t believe he lets them!”

“Very professional,” Clair concludes.