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The Monster (I/IV)
The Castle (III/IV)
Alan (II/IV)¹
If I Ran The Bay
Sunday (2 of 2)
Myths and Heroes (II/IV)
Remnants (III/IV)
Surrender (1 of 2)
Tunnel Rat (I/IV)
The Show (II/IV)
Questions and Answers (2 of 2)
The Breaking of the World
Priyanka (I/II)
At the Temple (II/II)
Random Genealogical Interjection
The Place Without Recourse (I/I)
The Dove (II/?)
The Chorus of Definition (1 of 1)
Hero and Monster (I/IV)
Mylitta’s Question (II/IV)
Belshazzar (III/IV)
Nabonidus’ Gods (IV/IV)
The Betrothal (V/?)
Why the Monster Laughs at God (1 of 1)
The Wind is Changing
Iphigenia (II/IV)
Sacrifice (3 of 4)
The Old Man of the Sea (1 of 2)
The Fable of the Lamb (1 of 2)
Tigers in their Cages (2 of 2)
Before He Was Cool (I/I)
“Why Can’t I Fix You?” (I/II)
“There are Stars in Your Eyes, Elli” (II/II)
Martin and Thess (II/III)
(Good Friday – Hitherby Annual #1 – I/I) Tre Ore
On the Endings of Stories (2 of 3)
The Ballad of Bushido Santa
“That Was Quick,” The Monster Said (I/III)
The False Enlightenment (II/III)
Scattered (III/III)
(April 1) What if the Tower Had a Different Cast?
Hitherby Annual #2 – Maundy Thursday (I/I)
The Nest of Mirror Pieces (5 of 5)
Ink Indestructible (I/I)
Ink and Abandonment (I/IV)
Ink Inappropriate (II/IV)
Ink Entomological (XIV/XVI)
Free (V/VII)
Stupid Words and their Stupid Power, Anyway (I/III)
Anthropomorphizing the Crucible (I/VII)
And the Birds Fall Dead (IV/VII)
Exposition Answers Emptiness with Digressions (V/VII)
“And Break.” (VI/VII)
Little Faces (VII/VII)
How Micah Fought the Monster
The Shepherdess (I/VII)
Later . . . (Ia/VII)
The Boundary Between Liril and the World (II/VII)
The Lion (V/VII)
“I will make you cry” (VI/VII)