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The Truth
She Puts on Shows
The Angels (III/IV)
Two Great Tastes
Dumping Glue on a Log¹
Avoiding the Use of Exclamation Points¹
Scanning Things
Jane Confronts the Problem of Martin
The Awa
The Girl And The Rat
Classifying Things
Static (1 of 1)
Jane (III/IV)
Questions and Answers (2 of 2)
Its Second Stage
Scrape. Scrape. Crunch.
Shame (I/II)¹
Ways of Avoiding Migraines
Random Genealogical Interjection
The Big World
Jane’s Father
ConBust Stick Figure Theatre
The Summoning of the King (I/?)
The Cabinetmakers’ Secret
The Silver Standard
Pseudo-Dionysius’ Cookbook
Jane’s Terrifying Story of Near-Halloween Horror
Why the Monster Laughs at God (1 of 1)
Jane Talking
Evil Chair: “Perspective”
Chasing Away the Blues
Careful Attention to Calendars
Bankers Do It With Interest
Johnny Pancake
The Wind is Changing
Transformation (1 of 1)
The Fable of the Lamb (1 of 2)
Tigers in their Cages (2 of 2)
(Good Friday – Hitherby Annual #1 – I/I) Tre Ore
Adjective Noun
Evil Chair: “For Those Whom You Despise”
The Incredible Alchemy Elixir
The Incredible Alchemy Elixir (Continued)
Sweeping Day
The Land Where Suffering is Remembered
(Migraine Filler)
The Rainbow Wolves
No Innards, No Problem
The Broader Context of Her Personal Reality
The Clash
No Actual Bears Were Harmed
Good and True and Noble (II/II)
That Way That Snakes, When
Starfish Men (I/II)
How Meredith Ran from the Chaos (II/II)
(Palm Sunday: II/IV) Jigsawing
(Palm Sunday: III/IV) Mr. McGruder’s Question
(Palm Sunday: IV/IV) The Siggort in Exile
Are Siggorts? (I/I)
(Low Saturday) The Harrowing of Hell (II/V)
Hard on the Heels of Ink’s Legend (I/I)
The Cut (4 of 5)
Brick Fishing (3 of 4)
Newton’s First Law (4 of 4)
The Immensity of Love (I/IV)
The Extinguishment of Karma (IV/IV)
Max Sets Forth to Kill God (1 of 4)
The Loneliness of the World (2 of 4)
On The Nature of Judgment (4 of 5)
Wii News*
On the Hill
There is a King (Ia/III)
Exposition Answers Emptiness with Digressions (V/VII)
See Jane