Skin and Bones

Posted on July 10, 2004 by Jenna

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On some forsaken forgotten peak
There dwells a lonely fort:
Inside, a man of skin and bones
Rules an empty court.

His wife, she died of love for him:
A baron came to claim his rights
To kill the baron’s child she flung
Herself from a height.

The banners that flap are of baron’s flesh,
His drink of baron’s blood:
Yet still the man of skin and bones
Pines for the one he loved.

On clear days he will bring the storm.
In gentle rains he’ll bring the flood.
His cup is made of baron’s bones,
His drink of baron’s blood.

His son, he wandered far and fell
In love with the baron’s daughter.
In the name of hatred he was
Tortured, skinned, slaughtered.

His spirit haunts the fort these days,
Though he forgave his father:
He binds the man of skin and bones
Away from the baron’s daughter.

Between the forces of love and hate,
Some say that love is stronger:
But of the son and wife the son’s
Spirit’s lasted longer.

Upon some forsaken forgotten peak,
There dwells a lonely fort,
Inside a man of skin and bones
Rules over an empty court.