See Jane

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1. See Jane! Jane is an Excrucian.
2. Look in Jane’s eyes. Stars are falling. That means the world will end.
3. See Jane smile. Smile, Jane, smile!
4. All things end in blood.

1. See Lord Entropy dictate. Dictate, Lord Entropy, dictate!
2. Lord Entropy has four friends. Joktan is Lord Entropy’s friend. Baalhermon is Lord Entropy’s friend. Meon is Lord Entropy’s friend. Hugh is Lord Entropy’s friend.
3. Lord Entropy does not like Hugh as much as he likes his other friends. See Hugh hop up and down! Hugh wants Lord Entropy’s attention.
4. Lord Entropy rips out Hugh’s heart. Hugh falls over bleeding. Why, Lord Entropy, why?
5. Lord Entropy puts it back in.
6. “I’m sorry!” says Lord Entropy. “That was bad. Let’s be true friends now!”
7. “Yay!” said Baalhermon.
8. Joktan kicked a rock.
9. “Yay!” said Meon.
10. “Urgle,” said Hugh. Hugh is funny. Hugh is dead.

1. See Lord Entropy. See Lord Entropy reach.
2. Lord Entropy is reaching into the realms beyond time and space.
3. Lord Entropy is reaching into the realms beyond life and death!
4. Lord Entropy has Hugh’s fluttering soul in his hand.
5. Look! It’s a soul!
6. See Lord Entropy taste Hugh’s soul. Bitter. Yet somehow sweet.
7. “Hugh’s soul is complex cuisine!” says Alton Brown. Lord Entropy rips out Alton Brown’s heart.
8. Just kidding! Alton’s not in this book.
9. Lord Entropy makes a face. He doesn’t want to eat this soul.
10. See Lord Entropy resurrect Hugh in mockery of the resurrection of Christ.
11. “Yay!” said Hugh.
12. “Yay!” said Baalhermon.
13. Joktan kicked a rock.
14. “Yay!” said Meon.
15. “Yes,” said Hugh. “I will be your friend.”
16. Everyone laughed and laughed.

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