(Note on Nobilis)

Posted on September 12, 2010 by Jenna

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We are running behind.

To be specific: I’ve had to push some art and layout deadlines into late October, and there is a solid chunk of art I don’t know how to get done in that time. We’re trying to pull in another 3-4 artists to fix that, but sometimes it takes a while to find out that an artist isn’t actually interested.

I’m told that we have a good relationship with a local printer and that it will be shockingly fast and that none of my fears of “yay it’s gone to print!” *seven years pass* “yay it’s out!” will come to pass. I’m also told that there’s also some kind of way to do even more shockingly fast but also expensive small-run printing that we may use for promotional purposes if there’s a con sometime between “final electronic document” and “on shelves.”

I’ll offer a new release date when someone in the office tells me one and I believe it. There’s a date I am grimly determined to make but I’m afraid if I formally declare it that I’ll jinx it and invite a printing boondoggle.

In the meantime, you now have more or less the same capacity to guess as I do. ^_^

On preorders: I want to make it available for preorder pretty much the exact moment it goes to print, unless that’s like 2am on a Sunday. I don’t know how much power I’ll have to produce that outcome.

Best wishes,