Posted on November 27, 2004 by Jenna

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Wolf knows the world is flat.

Under the world is the dark place. Wolf knows. Under that is the darker place. Then there is stone. Then, wolf thinks, there is the other side.

On the other side are unwolves.

Wolf chases caribou. Wolf hunts the weak to make the caribou strong. In each generation the weakest caribou die to wolf. So the caribou grow strong. Wolf eats the caribou. That’s why wolf is strong.

It is wolf’s thought that unwolves chase strong uncaribou. This makes the uncaribou weak, and ever weaker.

The unwolves uncare. The unwolves unknow. But the unwolves are weak and hungry.

Wolf finds himself on a bridge, in a town, in the north. Wolf looks down and sees the water. The water is dark. Below that it is darker. Below that there is stone. Wolf knows. Yet wolf can see unwolf, on the other side.

Unwolf ripples. Unwolf shines in the water. Unwolf is not wolf, because unwolf is weak and hungry and reversed right to left.

Wolf’s tongue lolls.

Then wolf goes out. Wolf goes out into the deeps. Wolf chases a strong caribou to the bridge. It is a very hard hunt. On the bridge they fight, wolf and caribou. People look on. People are shocked. They gasp. They drop their shopping bags. They take pictures. But they do not understand.

Wolf pushes the corpse of caribou into the water.

It is a gift. It is a teaching.

Perhaps, wolf thinks, unwolf will understand.