(Miscellaneous: Projects Status, September 17)

Posted on September 17, 2011 by Jenna

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Jack o’Lantern Girl Written, though kind of short.
Fate pending; last touched December 2010.
A sort-of novel-form look at some of early Hitherby, explaining a bit about death, Bob’s nature, and what Martin actually said when Jane and Martin met.
Firewood Boy ~35% written.
Put aside to work on RPG stuff; last touched June 2011.
A sort-of novel-form look at some of early Hitherby, intended to cover Tantalus, Martin, Mei Ming, and the shadow, but so far spending most of its time on Tantalus and Pandora.
eBook of Chapter 1 pending
Last touched mid-2009.
I’m waiting to see if anything interesting happens with Jack o’Lantern Girl first.
The Frog and the Thorn ~15% written.
The current arc on Hitherby dragons. At the current rate of posting, it’ll take 4 years, but the truth is, if my life doesn’t get enough better to move to 3/week at some point before the jaguars fall, I’ll give up and post my design document instead.

Comics, Webcomics & Picture Books

[A Mystery!] 50%
Ongoing; estimated completion in December
This is a ~40-page illustrated eBook (as a series of Kindle-sized images) I’m doing with an artist of my acquaintance. It may also see print release through Eos or something else.
How Rat Did Not Become a God 100% (webcomic), <100% (if print)
Fate pending; last touched ~July 2011.
This is a 13-page webcomic or a 26-page book with art by Tony Damiani. I showed it to someone who said I needed to try to get it published as a children’s book. Then I flailed for two months. Then I asked some awesome people in the publishing industry if they knew how one does that or how to tell if it’s worth trying.
Chibi-Ex #1 100% scripted, ~75% art-complete
Ongoing; estimated completion October 31, 2011.
~36 page comic with Miranda Harrell. Ongoing as a webcomic. I haven’t done anything towards making it an eBook. There will probably be a print release through Eos.
Chibi-Ex #2 First draft script complete
Not yet started; scripted ~July 2011.
I scripted a short interlude to go up during a change in art style—Miranda is interested in trying to go digital. Miranda also wants to try writing a short piece. We’ll see what happens. The current script focuses on Euphrasia Savinot.
[Unknown] some proposals on the table
I have another artist I’m talking to about doing a project with but he didn’t take to my early ideas. I hope to get back to him with more proposals in October.


Nobilis: SLAM! (Snakes
Larger than Mountains)
Some concept work. May or may not happen.
Last touched ~April 2011.
Giant and/or magical animals wrestle with death, life, Excrucians. The Aaron’s Serpent/Megalith Wasp/magical talking cat/&c. book for Nobilis. Project got killed but likely will return someday.
The Royalty of Heaven Some concept work.
Last touched ~August 2010.
The Angels/Heaven book for Nobilis. Some borrowing of the Osiris myth may take place.
A Society of Flowers content ~90%; presentation and adaptation ~0%
last touched December 2009
Social and cultural information for the Nobilis. This’ll use the rules stuff for Chuubo’s Marvelous Wish-Granting Engine, so it’s on hold until after the first CMWGE stuff.
Treachery content ~50%; presentation and adaptation ~0%
last touched 2002.
An update of the 2nd edition campaign for Nobilis. This’ll use the rules stuff for Chuubo’s Marvelous Wish-Granting Engine, so it’s on hold until after the first CMWGE stuff.
Revised Example of Play in queue
not started
No promises, but I want to update the 2nd edition example of play to the new mechanics. This’ll be a free download.
Nobilis Tarot under consideration
not started
I’m considering a kickstarter to get this done, since I don’t know how to gauge interest otherwise.
Nobilis Soundtrack under consideration; talked to a musician
last touched August 2011.
Another thing that only really makes sense with a kickstarter, right now. Music is expensive and I don’t know how many people would want this.
Project/Imperator Sheets version done, getting feedback;
last touched today.
A set of these with faction-specific thematics. Probably a free download. As a casual gift to players it’s ready now; if Eos decides to polish up and make it a little less casual, it may be 2-8 weeks.
Short Promo Video concept work
I’m probably going to put together a short promo video going into some detail as to how we researched the Powers and other creatures mentioned in the book.
Cafepress Store concept work
We need a Cafepress store, of course. I raised the possibility casually a few times but I’m not sure if anything was done with it. I don’t want to set it up myself because keeping track of how much of the money in my paypal is Eos’ is already a lot of work. I’ve sent a more specific email prompt as of today to start making sure this happens.
Russian Translation of Nobilis unknown
I was approached by a Russian group interested in translating Nobilis. I dropped the ball here during the furor around replacement art, but it might still happen.

Chuubo’s Marvelous Wish-Granting Engine

This is a large transmedia project, mostly focusing right now on the part that is a supplement/Elseworlds for Nobilis.

CMWGE Main Book completion status ambiguous (see below)

I stopped work on the main book in December 2010 to avoid repeating Nobilis’ mistakes. The underlying material is excellent and needs HQ art; plus, I need to work with a HQ layout person from the beginning, rather than after the text is finished, to avoid sections with too much art, too much marginalia, too little text per heading, or other such. (The section on the Light and the Dark in Nobilis is a key example here: too much art that the layout team didn’t really have a good way to handle, which I couldn’t address because the art and text were done before layout started.)

Currently my plan here is to gather HQ art over time with other CMWGE works, and hopefully have the project as a whole be enough of a success to drag, I don’t know, Fred Hicks in for layout or something.

CMWGE Miscellaneous Art
Eos has an in-house artist who’s free and I have other artists who really want to work on the project, so a couple of people have started work on CMWGE art. I’d hoped for a layout person and a couple of look-defining pieces from a Kazuo Oga-quality artist first, but that didn’t happen, so this is going to feature expensive errors and wasted art.
CMWGE Rules Core first draft ~80%, concepts ~95%.
last touched September 14.
The core rules for CMWGE includes a ~65k section to remove the need for HG prep and answer all questions of the form “but what do I do” forever after; this was a grueling challenge and will need lots of layout help. There’s also a pending 10k or so that’s not going to be grueling, and then as many examples as I feel like including. The rules core may also include pregens, in which case 5 out of 10-15 are basically done and the remainder are in different states. Again I’m a little stuck here without access to good layout. This may be hard or easy. The important bit was finished on September 14 and will be going to a larger playtester set after I get a few more early comments.
Fortitude (Main) writing at 90%.
last touched July 2011.
A setting book for Nobilis or CMWGE, looking at part of the Chuubo’s world. ~60k. It was delayed at 90% pending the rules core; I could theoretically finish it now.
(Adventures with the Rats)
writing at 95%.
last touched August 2011.
Fortitude has talking rats. They have adventures. Perhaps you will join them. ~60k. Delayed at 95% pending the rules core; I could theoretically finish it now.
CMWGE Board Game concept work
It’s easier to design some components I want for the setting if I think of them as board game pieces, so I figured, we might as well add this to the stack.
Soundtrack under consideration; talked to a musician
last touched August 2011.
If we wind up able to get Nobilis music, I also want music for CMWGE.
Book of Divine Letters ~35%
last touched June? 2011
A look at the Chinese language through a CMWGE lens. I put this and my Chinese language studies themselves on hold when things got bad in June? July? and am officially due to take them back off of hold now that I have the core CMWGE rules thing done. I’ve just been crashed since that point.
Comic some development done.
last touched December 2010
The artist originally working on converting some CMWGE stuff into comic form is MIA, alas. I still think it ought to happen.
[Caroline Yatskaya novel] some concept work
last touched September 2011
In the absence of a webcomic I’ll probably write a short Kindle Book.
Animation pending
I think about this on a semi-regular basis so that if an opportunity crops up I can go for it.

Miscellaneous Projects

Dreaming Waters arguably written
I literally ran out of time to finish this before coming to China and didn’t know if I’d be productive here or if Eos would be interested. In some ways I still don’t know these things. So I handed it off to a company which then may or may not be doing something with it. I’m not 100% sure what happened. I’d talk to them about what happened and see if I should be taking it back and finishing it but I have a lot on my plate and life is a neverending merry-go-round of misery and delays. ^_^
WTF 2.0 pending
It occurred to me that with the CMWGE rules core I could turn Wisher, Theurgist, Fatalist into something awesome, but I don’t know if I’ll have a chance to do so.
Wai! Eos-Sama! loosely scripted
last touched … June 2010?
Webcomic focusing on the Eos office and the salvation of the world. Loose ties to the Frog and the Thorn. I’m waiting for Eos to give me an artist since the volunteer artists I get aren’t usually interested in this particular project.
You Yen concept work
last touched … April 2010?
Gothic kung fu RPG/transmedia project.
[No real title] pending
A story arc about angels, demons, dragons, and a few other things.
Fairies RPG pending
Large amounts of concept work done before coming to work for Eos; not currently moving forward.
Static concept work
last touched December 2009.
A facebook game.
Rabbit and Star concept work
last touched December 2009.
Collaborative board game.