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Godzilla approaches Tokyo.

Godzilla begins in the sea. Then Godzilla moves closer. Godzilla is now halfway to Tokyo. The rampage continues. Godzilla crosses half of the remaining distance. Then half of what remains! The citizens of Tokyo point. They scream. They cry, “Can even Xeno’s Paradox save us from the mathematical theory of limits?”

From its slumber deep beneath Tokyo, Xeno’s Paradox rises. It shrieks its terrible, blood-curdling cry. From behind Godzilla, the mathematical theory of limits answers with an insectile battle song. It unfolds its glittering, half-visible wings.

Godzilla swiftly, ponderously closes half the remaining distance to Tokyo.

Xeno’s Paradox propels itself forward with one great leap. Its claws extend. In the air above Godzilla, it meets the mathematical theory of limits.

“Dr. Goodwell!” cries a military commander. “Should we use the ultrasonic laser?”

But Dr. Goodwell only shakes his head. “In the face of this animalistic fury,” he says, “human science can do nothing!”

Claws rend. Teeth tear. Godzilla lurches forward another half of the remaining distance.

“Estimated time to destruction of Tokyo?” Dr. Goodwell asks his assistant.

“Impossible to estimate until mathematics normalizes!”

“Then we wait,” says Dr. Goodwell. He waits half the remaining time. Godzilla staggers half of the remaining distance to Tokyo.

There is a pause.

Godzilla sighs, heavily. He is wearied by this struggle. He concentrates. He invokes his Tokyo destruction remote control. Tokyo explodes.

Above him, the monsters slowly cease their struggle.

Tell no one of this, Godzilla commands.

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