(Memorial Day)

Posted on May 30, 2005 by Jenna

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Alice Thorpe died on April 15, 1666. It hurt and it sucked and she was afraid.

Theresa Haslip died of dysentery on January 28, 1864. She was four and a half years old.

Reverend L. Thompson lost all six of his children and his wife to smallpox in 1746.

Charles Norbrun died March 2, 1887, with an engorged liver and edema. When he lived, he was a miner.

Sarah Goodling was a young girl working at Cressbrook Mill in the early 19th century. She was beaten to death by the overseer.

I’m sorry.

Alice, Theresa, Reverend, Charles, Sarah: you deserved better, and I am sorry, and I hope that whatever place one dwells after one’s passing treats you more kindly than this place did.