Letters Column in December 2011: Two Things, and a Promise

Posted on December 6, 2011 by Jenna

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Hi again!

It looks like I may actually have two exciting Hitherby-related eBooks coming down the pike for Christmas. I haven’t decided whether to release them simultaneously or stagger ’em somehow. Possibly one of them will miss Christmas anyway and the other won’t, in which case I won’t have to decide.

Awesomeness #1: I’ve been working with Elizabeth Sherry on an illustrated picture-book version of a certain Hitherby entry from years past. I’ve done some research, and she’s done some work, to optimize it for Kindle/Nook reading, and it’s looking pretty awesome. ^_^

Awesomeness #2: I’ve just finished converting a classic Hitherby mini-series into a ~66k novel, also probably for Kindle-type release.

Presumably these will be available at places like Amazon, DriveThru, Eos, Smashwords, and the like. Not yet totally sure. ^_^


cariset: See Tantalus (I/IV) for the two of them meeting before Saul got rescued. As for what he did in the 9 years between his encounter with Martin and joining the tower’s cast, we don’t know much. It seems like Persephone would be all over him, assuming she’s still as she was in Priyanka’s time. And assuming that escaping as he did gave him blood, somehow.
— Xavid, on “Light, in the Bastion of Darkness”

Xavid: Yes, I was referring more to what happened after he (presumably) ceased being dead, being as the oracle told Persephone that it was his blood she needed. :-) Although who knows, maybe Saul is an anentropic zombie, with blood that works backwards in some metaphysical sense. It’s hard to tell!
— cariset, on “Light, in the Bastion of Darkness”

There’s this awesome scene between Martin and Tantalus that I wrote a while back.

So, you know what? I’m going to suspend this letters column here for today. Yup! With just that! And give you a bit of Martin’s story, instead.