Letters Column for September 2006: The Wogly of Dark Fate

Posted on October 25, 2006 by Jenna

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Oops! Forgot to say “Thank you!” after the donations report last time. *^_^*;;

Thank you!

Some of you may be wondering why the last entry ended so abruptly. It was not grues, nor have I been abducted by serious-looking government agents for questioning regarding ontological subversion of reality.*

  • Though I wonder, has anyone in danger of being extraordinarily rendited to a torture camp considered the benefits of being on the no-fly list? They totally can’t fly you off to suffer at the whim of the executive if the TSA won’t allow you onto a plane!

In fact, the reason my last entry cut off mid-joke was, um, I have no idea. It was longer when I clicked “publish!”

My best theory is that while I was fiddling around with snapback tabs in Firefox, I managed to resave it, only the connection was lagging and only half of it saved. That’s kind of inane but I can’t think of any other reason it would cut off in midword but still have final edits in the early bit.

Anyway! Soldiering on!

Lost behind the mysterious wogly of dark fate:

The rest of my anecdote about covers in roleplaying games. Why aren’t they more like covers of Devo?

A dismissive quip regarding Jacob. That dude was pretty bad but he’s totally over now.

Something to GoldenH about hummingbird time. What was it? Now you’ll never know. I think the punctuation went (sentence opens) italic-unitalic-italic-unitalic-exclamation point!

And a reply to Jonathan Walton about the fate of Nobilis. See what you did? You used “Hitherby for nefarious purposes” and wound up having my reply to you *eaten* by *TIME*. Clearly I’m not supposed to tell you. That said, I’ll make an announcement when I have my copies of the current printing back or new material to print. ^_^

Thank you for your kind words in the latter part of September,

Dave Menendez
David Goldfarb
Penultimate Minion
Jonathan Walton

Though on nothing in particular. I think there’s been no comments because these are enjoyable, but don’t leave much room for the abstract philosopy discussion most hitherby comment threads turn into.
— Aliasi

A real abstract philosopher would just discuss something structurally similar to these entries!

Interesting. I’ve gotten the impression in the past that Rebecca identifies with Ink more closely than her other characters.
— Mithrandir

Her name’s Rebecca. Short for Rebel Mecca, she’ll tell you, the sacred stone that doesn’t particularly want people making pilgrimages to it, and maybe that’s the truth.

She calls herself R. Sean. She’s a harsh one, she’ll tell you, and maybe that’s the truth.


But you can do that with anybody’s name. Like Queen Elizabeth. Short for ELIZA ben Theosoph, the online psychiatrist that always recommends mystical insight into the nature of the soul, she’ll tell you, and maybe that’s the truth.

( > Hello.
Why do you say Hello?

> Is this ELIZA ben Theosoph?
Like all statements, that contains portions of the truth.

> But is it accurate?
Why does the divine spirit urge you to ask is it accurate?

> Because I’ve been really stressed lately.
Why does the divine spirit urge you to be really stressed lately?

> I don’t know.
When you recognize that, we will all know why you said “Hello.”)

Second off…aargh. This seems to just support my theory that the Monster currently sits on the throne of the world. And I don’t even like that theory. Well, we’ll see.
— Eric

Why does the divine spirit urge you to don’t even like that theory. Well, we’ll see.?

I can’t make the shapes of the two fit together, yet. Either my conceptual methodologies are ill-suited to the task, or there’s a piece I’m missing.
— Eric

Hee! Then you’d best pray I don’t get hit by a bus. Or a mantis!

I’m going to stop here tonight, but I’ll also give you warning of the three bonuses I’d like to give this month before starting in on next month’s letters column and finishing Island of the Centipede—

  • I’m going to write up Cronos’ story in chronological order and post it;
  • I’m going to do a page or post summarizing my thoughts on mineownaardvarks’ Tarot suggestions;
  • I’m going to post Waiting for Godel, a play in two or more Acts, as inspired by a friend.

Thank you for reading, thank you for commenting, thank you for donating, thank you for pointing your friends at Hitherby, and I’ll see you all again in November!