Letters Column for November

Posted on December 3, 2004 by Jenna

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Hello all!

I think this is entry 303, not counting (P.S.) and (Technical Difficulties) and so forth.

Chapter two will be a few months longer than originally planned, ’cause my energy was hammered pretty hard for a few months making it harder to get the histories and present-day stuff out. ^_^

Thank you for your kind words,

Li Svilling
Tiger Spot
Metal Fatigue


One wonders if [Mylitta] asked the wrong question?
— Archangel Beth//

It is certainly much easier to answer questions like “How many wolves am I holding up?”

(One. For reference. It’s notional. It says “wuf!”)


why do lines 3 and 4 start with a lower-case letter?
— Tiger Spot

Lower case letters just want to be accepted! They’re cool, too! They can lead sentences! Why is it only e.e. cummings’ editor who really accepts them?

*sulk* they sulk.

like this.


Regrettably, the science of hugging fictional characters is as yet in its infancy.
— Eric

Blame the FDA! They won’t let me do experiments on stem cells taken from unfinished Nanowrimo novels!

But I’ll show them!

When the Great Scaled Hugatron opens its endless wheels of teeth and ignites its spark engine!

I’ll show them all!


Darn, I was looking forward to the Kill William movie…
— BethL

Secretly, I bet Jane was hoping people would post excerpts from what they thought it would be.

I can’t know, of course. I’M NOT A MIND READER. But I bet it’s true.


At least Evil Chair isn’t using a giant laser to carve his name on the moon.
— S

It’s 1960s-era thinking like this that’s keeping NASA mired in red tape. Why carve your name on the moon when you have the Milky Way?

Let the great spheres of the cosmos rotate in harmony,
Let the cherubim sing their music,
Let there be stars,
and space,
and the burning void,
and the fires at the heart of it all,
and let it all be scribed with the name of He who rules the Island.
“Evil Chair”.


Very clever. I didn’t know satire was your hat, but very clever.
— Adanedhel

Oh, man, it’s supposed to be a hat?

Now I’m embarrassed.


The burlesque *is* pants, right?


Have I met Danielle?
— mackatlaw

One may safely assume that any Cinderella-alike in my stories is at least partially influenced by the wonderful Danielle de Bergerac in Ever After.


Sjaldan liggjandi úlfr lær um getr né sofandi mað sigr!
— S

Asal bapak senang, villac umu. ^_^


I’d totally have kept a three-headed, acid-drooling puppy in my dorm room at college.
— Rene

It’s so hard to get a three-headed acid-drooling puppy in this country. And at the same time, New York has hundreds of them stuck in puppy orphanages receiving injections of horrible drugs. I think something needs to change, but I don’t know what.


Not even a fairy turkey named Stars can diguise the sadness in this story.
— HedgeMouse

What if we armed the turkey with some sort of Marx Brothers glasses?

… I don’t think the story is sad, because some survived. That is … the thing that makes the world not what the monsters think it is—that sometimes, when buildings fall on people, the people get out.

That’s it for November! Thanks for reading, thanks for donating, thanks for commenting—even if you didn’t get thanked for a compliment or picked for a specific response—and see you again this coming month!