Letters Column for May

Posted on June 1, 2004 by Jenna

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Thank you for your kind words,
Tiger Spot
Archangel Beth
Tim Gray
The Alien
Eric B.


Oh — or is she meant to be Strawberry herself, aged into the “nastiest of berries”?
— Tiger Spot

Don’t be ridiculous! These characters have no resemblance whatsoever to any trademarked entities protected by rabid lawyers. :)


I wouldn’t have guessed that Mei was the “foulness” that Jane met, the one like rotten fruit, but the evidence seems to suggest that, doesn’t it?
— Eric

It does! Unless he stopped off somewhere between the promise and Mei Ming.


— liralen

Woot! I got a comment from one of the coolest people alive!


How did the oceanid get so knowledgable?
— Nerje

It’s not clear! But knowing more than they should seems to be a fairly common characteristic of gods. Perhaps there will be details later.


I think that, whatever else [Martin] might be, that he’s an answer to Jenna’s question “What kind of things answer monsters?”
— Eric

This pleased me to read. :)


In response to your note, immediately I thought I should like links to the respective entries (all that “nature of hypertext” rot welling up, I’m afraid). Seconds later I realize that as a maker I might want folks to invest the time necessary to look things up, and be serendipitously surprised by other things that weren’t quite what they were looking for.
— Discipulus

This is an insane work period for me right now. When I scheduled all this, I assumed that the appendices would be much easier than writing typical entries. They aren’t. :)

I should have a short break from professional writing soon, as my next project starts on 6/15 and I’m almost done with all current projects … but right now, the appendices turned out to actually be too much work! It’s embarrassing. So that’s why there’s minimal linking—things like the timeline and the genealogy and Jane’s character profile took three hours each rather than the half hour I expected them to.


I don’t feel so daft calling Steven my favourite character, now.
— Nerje

Everybody loves woglies!

… I guess that toruses are just naturally kawaii?


This is all very interesting, but not as interesting as seeing what happens when the wind changes.
— Eric Minton

It could be worse! Originally, I planned two weeks of appendices and then a two-week hiatus. As it is, I may skip the hiatus. :)


For future reference, I would be curious to see how The Stage (IV/IV) fits into the chronology.
— Egarwaen

That’d be a spoiler!

… well, not really, but I’m going to trust my muse for now that there’s some reason not to assign a date. :)


in a weird sort of way, that’s kind of a comforting thing to know.
— Tamir

:) It was intended to be.

I hate that so many people have to be alone with their pain. Witnesses are pretty useless, but, you know, not having them is worse.


So…this post isn’t rated ‘Arrrrrr’?
— BethL

How do you keep pirates from collecting on their debts?
Take away their credit arrrrr!


i’ve been reading the archives, and i name you episkopos.
— padmaclynne

I’m glad it’s useful to you! But please be careful if assigning spiritual meaning to any of this. Hitherby Dragons is a sextant, not a map. :)

That’s it for now! Thanks for reading, thanks for commenting—even if you didn’t get thanked for a compliment or picked for a specific response—and see you again this coming month!