Letters Column for January 2007: Quoting Marx Verbatim

Posted on May 16, 2007 by Jenna

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Thank you for your kind words between January 3 and January 19th,

David Goldfarb
Ford Dent
Penultimate Minion
Rand Brittain
Vincent Avatar


//“God is spam”
I wish I had that on a bumper sticker.
And dared to put it up somewhere.

Because I think I’m adopting it as a
philosophic tenet.//
— mhoram

Just remember that if you want to add a new attribute, omnipotence, omniscience, or omnibenevolence is gonna have to go!


Once again I wonder what Rebecca’s been reading/watching/playing lately that I haven’t, because this seems vaguely familiar. Does the Bureau send out people like the scissor man, too?
— Rand Brittain

In that particular case, A Scanner Darkly and Little House in the Big Woods. ^_^


Is (the Song of Jeremiah Gannon) being done as a Canto because the Divine Comedy was and this is an homage to it? Or was there some other reason for the format?
— mhoram


I think I wound up looking into Dante’s stuff to try to figure out why I made it a canto, but I was pretty sick in January, so I didn’t reach any conclusions.


Link will redeem the world from ignorance.
— Cavalcadeofcats

You found the KNOWLEDGE HOOK!

That’s just great!

You can use the knowledge hook to redeem ignorance. Press Z to target and A to fire!


Yeesh. Somehow I don’t think that many people are going to get how the angel of planted bombs is produced by oppression, not precluded by it.
— rpuchalsky

It’s not actually my fault that Link goes around planting bombs everywhere. That’s source material!

I think Hitherby is actually pretty safe on political grounds at this point. I am pretty sure that I could start quoting Marx verbatim or putting up Qur’an excerpts and people would just mine it for Pokemon, Voltron, and Sailor Moon references.

I mean, seriously.



The Chosen Servant: By the setting star, your comrade [Muhammad] has not gone astray, neither is he deceived, nor following his own desire. This Qur’an is a divine inspiration revealed to him by the mighty one [Gabriel]. Endowed with incredible power he made himself manifest on the uppermost horizon of the sky. Then drawing nearer he came downward until he was only two bow-lengths away from him.
– Qur’an, An-Najm, Surah 53:1-12

*Tell* me these aren’t Sailor Moon attacks.

Okay, fine.

Maybe you can do that.

Maybe you’re thinking that Star Gentle Uterus and Working Men of All Countries are fundamentally structurally different.

Maybe you’re thinking, “Well, one defining characteristic that separates the Prophet (sallahu alayhi wa sallam) from Sailor Moon (alaiki salaam) is that the Prophet (sallahu alayhi wa sallam) never leapt up into the air and disrobed, to the singing of angels, reappearing in more holy garments to the displeasure of the infidels.”

And maybe you can tell me that there’s no Pokemon in that either.

I can’t see it, so you’ll have to argue that on your own.

But maybe you can.

But if any long-term reader can honestly read those two quotes and tell me that neither Gabriel nor Marx were heavily influenced by Voltron, well …

I may have to give up this ministry.


Awesome, I guessed Link at the beginning of the Second Canto, but the planes thing sort of stumped me…
— Ravious

To be totally, embarrassingly honest, I wanted a plane on the snakes.

I didn’t want it enough to go for the joke when it no longer fit the story. But I still darn well wanted Link’s mortal life to have brought a plane down on the giant’s head. ^_^

By the way, I would like Restricted-Access, but I couldn’t find where to say so.
— Ravious

The plugin broke when WordPress updated. :(


But where’s the boomerang?
— cariset

Every time I tried to steal the boomerang, it kept returning to the original games. It was very frustrating!

… if, ultimately, predictable.

That’s all for today! Peace out; all glory to Allah, Black Asudullah, Red Asudullah, Green Asudullah, Aludra Asudullah, and Yellow Asudullah; and remember—proletariat! I CHOOSE YOU!