Letters Column for January 2007: “Only in Kenya”

Posted on May 12, 2007 by Jenna

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Thank you for your kind words on or before January 3,

Rand Brittain


So… the world continues to exist because of sheer exasperation? I suppose it’s better than the alternative.
— Rand Brittain

… but … but … teams of tiny butterflies in harness vigorously pulling stray molecules into place!

How can you possibly prefer exasperation to teams of tiny butterflies?

Look at their adorable little faces! Their vibrant wings! Their sectarian strife over a point of tiny adorable doctrine!


Anyway, have you seen the Dr Who Christmas Special? I couldn’t help but think about Hitherby at one point.
— GoldenH

I have! When was that?


In the real world, it’s hard to come up with something that Max could have done that would be as bad.
— rpuchalsky

I think that you’re thinking Eurocentrically.

I really do like Sid and Max better as a post-heteronormative love that doesn’t have to have or preclude sexual attraction in it to be real. But if they’re gay, you know, they could be living in metaphorical Kenya.

With the lions.

And the 5-14 years prison sentences for carnal knowledge against the order of nature, which is probably aggravated if one of the parties involved is a siggort.

But that’s not why I’m bringing this up again. Rather, it’s because I’m curious if you’ve had any new thoughts on this since we last talked in January! ^_^


Also, because I didn’t know about that law until just now, I feel a song coming on!


We hide all our gay folk
Only in Kenya
Come to Kenya, there’s no gay folk.

Papal bulls bugger hedgehogs
But only in Kenya
Come to Kenya, buggered hedgehogs
Lions and tigers.

Forget Norway!

Kenya, oh Kenya,
Where the giraffes have

Nobody wear condoms!
Only in Kenya
Come to Kenya, there’s no condoms.

Men don’t get willies
Only in Kenya
Come to Kenya, don’t get willies.

Kenya, Kenya, Kenya
Kenya, come to Kenya
Can you believe it?!


Also, forget Pratchett!


Genius. Leopard-print-negligee-sporting genius.
— tikitu

How did you get those pictures??


— ADamiani



That’s all for today!