Letters Column for January 2007: Notes

Posted on March 17, 2007 by Jenna

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I plan on continuing Hitherby. I wasn’t sure for a bit. Then I was sitting around watching “the Blob,” which a friend had demanded Tivo record, and I found myself writing down one fine idea after another. Nthanda came from the opening music alone.

So I can’t really stop writing Hitherby until people stop showing cheesy SF on Tivo-accessible channels.

As for the canon, I wasn’t sure on that either. For a while.

But after a bit I’ve found that I’m still interested in Liril’s story; so I just need the thinking time to put it together and post. After that, it’s not as hard, so I’ll plan on doing the rest, too. ^_^

I’m out of energy.

So I can’t do the whole webcomic pace right now. I assume at some point I’ll be back to three posts a week. Perhaps even six. But right now, it’ll update when it updates.

I’d say: “soon, though, and not, like, every four weeks or something.”


I can’t, since this *coming* week, I am out of town, and don’t know how things will go.

I might post a vignette or two before finishing the letters column. Letters columns are a surprising amount of work.

Thanks for reading! Thanks for commenting! Peace.