Letters Column for January 2007: A Significant Advance

Posted on June 22, 2007 by Jenna

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Thank you for your kind words between January 23rd and 31st,

David Goldfarb
Penultimate Minion
Rand Brittain
Vincent Avatar


— Penultimate Minion

Obey your thirst!

No, Rex!

Not your hunger!


— last words of the Sprite Expedition


Personally, I would prefer to live in Pancake, where the ground is smooth and the government practices Chestertonian Distributism. But I just happen to like pancakes, sans blueberry.
— Rand Brittain

I wish I were in Pancake, blueberries
drenched in syrup from artillery
they’re calling it a crisis on TV
—yum! It’s tasty!

I wish I were in Pancake, refugees
stream to camps in Oz and Honnalee
They’re squishing up the ethnic blueberries
Eww! What a mess!

Help Stop the Whipped Cream.

(To the tune of I’m Bringing Home a Baby Bumblebee.)


It also makes me think that the Wii might actually be more fun than it looked.
— ADamiani

The Wii is a significant advance in gaming!

I’m a bit concerned that it’s going to languish without titles that support it properly—it’d be a shame if the peak of Wii gaming was their “proof of concept” Wii Sports.

Hopefully the release of Wii Profit Yatta will make them enough money to subsidize better games.*

  • Wii Profit Yatta is a dazzling new economic model where fiat currencies such as the dollar and yen will be backed by virtual goods in a corporate training and infiltration MMO. The more features Nintendo adds, the greater the value of the real-world economy—causing industrialists everywhere to dash for their Wiis and spend their free time in frantic nunchaku shaking!**

** I mean, you know, more than they already were.

It seems that the revision process now decreases the number of narrative exclamation marks…
— cariset


One thing about the revisions: in addition to making Emily the active center of the story, and making the flow much better, they also change who Emily is proving herself to. In the earlier version in which we get to see her fight, she’s fighting so that the bullies can see her. In the final version, the only audience is her brother. That makes a very significant difference in how the story comes off.
— rpuchalsky


I think that Hitherby is of the general attitude that the essential audience in any action is oneself; but the accidents are vital.


Studies have shown that the prayers of Internet fans are 35% more effective at causing untraceable acts of Divine Providence than prayer from other forms of random strangers.
— Rand Brittain

Bah! You can make studies prove *anything*. Show me *cold hard punditry*.


And that is January!

For those who have been curious, donations for January 2007 totalled $121.68, although I do believe that about half of that was friends helping me cover something.

Thank you for reading, thank you for commenting, thank you for being a blessing to the world; and I will see you all in Febru–


Let me try that again.

Thank you for reading, thank you for commenting, thank you for being a blessing to the world; and I will see you all in INSERT NEXT POST TIME HERE

leaving you in suspense about whether there will be a letters column for February for as long as possible.