Letters Column for February

Posted on March 1, 2004 by Jenna

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Thank you for your kind words,
Jack Thomas
Mack Knopf
Tiger Spot
Nir Shiffer
Scott Lutz


ummm… yea… that was really sweet, but what’s w/ the puppy?
— Sab

The puppy wiggled its tail, wriggled its body, looked cute, and blinked big eyes. In this fashion it obscured the hideous emptiness where John’s heart ought to have been. Looking upon him just wasn’t as horrifying, because, cute puppy! It was, of course, ribcage-trained.


You know, I never licensed you to reproduce my image.
— Alexander Williams


You say that a lot, but Nihilism Bear is the first one where I actually thought about you while writing him. :)


I must know, on which texts (other than standard fairy tales) is this based?
— Mithrandir

Gnostella wasn’t based on anything specific. It’s mostly just an image and some thoughts.


i hate to say it, but, i don’t geddit…

Pets are Funny presumes that they’re resetting the world (and human memories) by about a day each time they have to reconstruct it. This either delays Monday or repeats it, as Jewel discovers.


You know, it might be considered a relief to some that the source of their hardship is at least concerned about their well-being… the Bodhisattva of Character Building Exercises, as it were.
— Pierre

Perhaps this is why Martin can kill woglies.


So… why, exactly, are these being published for free on the web, rather than compiled in book form and sold for money?
— Eric


I need a place to write where it isn’t ‘work’. For both personal and professional reasons.

I do intend to make printed collections available in due season. If people really can’t wait to pay me, I can try adding cheaper stuff to my Amazon wishlist or a PayPal link or something. :)


Where can I find my own personal Viscera Universe? I need it to trap Sorority girls!
— Alexander Williams

It’s closer than you might think!


“Amfibollad”: And I think this one is just to mess with my head.
— Mack Knopf

This one, like phoboi, is from the Greek. Naiads, dryads, and amfibollads–river nymphs, tree nymphs, and the nymphs of doubt.


Just wondered a little about where Dr. Uncertainty came from.
— sandjack

It’s a good question. I *think* biology faculty are born and grow up like ordinary people, but I’m not entirely sure.


Does Hitherby have continuity?
— Mithrandir

Hitherby has *reasons*. (The yes/no answer is “yes”, but that might be misleading right now.)

Also, which inside of the wogly is empty? The doughnut-hole area of the torus, or the actual interior of the torus?
— Mithrandir

In this case, the doughnut-hole area. I haven’t thought too much about what woglies are physically made of.

Also, what does a wogly do with all that integrity?
— Mithrandir

Converts it.


You are required, if you believe he exists, to like Martin.

Nope! It’s a choice, and a fairly important one at that. :)


Does that mean that the bats are up 24/7, or do they still need to rest?
— BrandonQ

I suspect they work in shifts. Eight hours sleep, eight hours slumming, eight hours patrolling the endless night.


I felt that the best bit was the thermonuclear spur explosion, right at the end.
— rmaleski

And they LAUGHED at me at the ACADEMY.


I need music. Fast. I need this set to something I know.
— Kirby1024

While there are a couple of songs that are logical candidates, most particularly Yo ho ho … this is actually intended to be chanted, at gradually increasing speed.


But would now be a good time to point out that the actual lyrics to the Gilligan’s Island theme song can be sung to the tune of Amazing Grace?
— Jason

Is there ever really a *bad* time to point this out? I mean, sure, okay, funerals, it might be a bit tacky, but on the other hand, it might actually allow people to sing along with the choir, and that’s kind of cool—coming together and raising everyone’s voices in song in praise for the departed and the great three hour tour called death—and I suppose it might be out of place in a fervent Internet debate on whether Pern allows for gay dragonriders, but, then, at that point, it can’t really *hurt*, and if you’re saying goodbye for the last time to a family member whom you just can’t allow in your life any more, I mean, yes, you could argue that it’s not apt, but, then again, it’s a good bit of parting wisdom if you want to slip it in … I mean … basically … you know?


THAT’s why Jesus didn’t have antennae…
— sandjack

Someday, I think, people will know enough about Hitherby Dragons to understand why the idea of Jesus as an awa disturbs me. :)


Charming and funny and yet still containing the essence of Knighthood. More, please?
— Shawn

Preference noted! (Individual comments are assigned a very small weight in the neural net of my mind, but they do have weight.)


But where is Kero-chan? ^_^
— Dara

Piloting Eva.


Hey, nicely realistic rats there!
— Tiger Spot

They’re also amphibious!

That’s it for now! Thanks for reading, thanks for commenting—even if you didn’t get thanked for a compliment or picked for a specific response—and see you again this coming month!