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Posted on September 1, 2004 by Jenna

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Thank you for your kind words,
GoldenH (assuming that four and a half stars is positive!)
Jonathan Walton
Tiger Spot
S (comparing me to Vance! VANCE! The living GOD!)
Eric (the same, but less so)

Special mention to:

for sheer numbers of comments!

KirbyK — yay Kirby!

Miscellaneous updates: Merin will be active again soon, when I’ve figured out what I want to do about the spam and (more importantly) recovered from the move enough to do Sunday reviews again. Also, there’s a donate button now. Not totally certain that it works yet, so even if you want to give me ten million dollars, start with $5. ^_^


I enjoyed Rainbow Noir so much that I had to share it[.]
— KarlBob//

I’ve never been quite sure how to present the other two parts of that story in this context. Sequels to legends seems like a confusion risk. But it’s too bad, ’cause there’s two more. ^_^


That said, I also prefer shorter posts to longer ones – I like to read Hitherby in my morning web-surfing at work, and longer posts prevent me from really doing that, forcing me to play catch-up on the weekends and making it tough for me to get my comments in when they’d be relevant.
— jason



Please, tell us of the other gates [between childhood and adulthood, in Parvati’s philosophy], as well.
— KarlBob

I’ll leave this for Parvati to explain, but remind me if she doesn’t. ^_^


do [undead hand issues happen] a lot?
— Tamir

It depends on your geographical location, really. Pittsburgh’s tourist information suggests that it has fewer reanimated hand crimes than any other city in the nation, whereas Hershey, Pennsylvania, cannot make that claim.


I’ve got a friend who always wishes for a million dollers and a cheeseburger. No matter how many times I point out she should instead wish for two millions dollers and spend a million on cheeseburgers, she persists with her original wish. Does this have occult signifigance or is it just a sign of her attention deficit disorder?
— DrStalker

Honestly? I think knowing what you want to wish for is one of the most important things in life. It’s okay if it doesn’t make sense. ^_^


I bet I’m not the only reader who’s going to pick up an instrument later today (banjo, in this case) and try to figure out the wolf’s melody.
— Jonathan Walton

Perhaps someday, if Hitherby is really nice, I’ll record me singing it. ^_^

I can’t copy down the melody until the keyboard gets here, alas. No perfect pitch.


//I’d like to know what “seed” Rebecca gave Kirby, that grew into this [http://rebecca.hitherby.com/archives/000316.php].//
— Sparrowhawk

“Super Mario travels back in time to save John Connor from Skynet’s Bob-omb assassins.”


Hope your sister and her partner are ok.
— anonymous142

Yup! It was the short-term kind of emergency.


No! No! You can’t end there! Where do I get a Nornish fortune cookie? How much paper-mache does it take to make a Volcano God? Who pays Martin’s tuition? Does the potato grow up to be Kelly Clarkson? For the love of Parvati, WHO WINS THE RIBBON??
— Oshimoi

Martin provides for his own tuition. Oden won the blue science fair ribbon; while it had many virtues, Martin’s project was fundamentally flawed.


Hmm. Has Martin been studying Gödel?

The assertion that all formally created worlds are required to have woglies refers to the Incompleteness Theorem, yes, although I’m not sure that the consequence is inevitable outside of the context of Hitherby.

This raises a question. Are woglies dragons, or something like them?

They are not dragons, and this is specifically meaningful. ^_^

(I don’t mean in a scales-and-wings-and-fire-and-gold way, obviously, but in a “here there be dragons” way.)
— Eric

What is the difference between the “here there be dragons” dragons and the “scale-and-wings-and-fire-and-gold” dragons?


Eh, eastern dragons aren’t really dragons at all… They’re more like monks or sea serpents.
— GoldenH

Sea serpents answer the emptiness with splashing.
Then they dive!
The water swirls!
The boat capsizes!
A chunk of wood hits you on the head!
Suddenly, you are enlightened!
“Zazen,” whispers the serpent, trying desperately to assume proper sitting meditation position without actually having a butt.


[To Angus, duct-tape-wielding science hero locked in a room] Try the damn doorhandle!
— Tim Gray

He can’t! He’s got a mullet!


A man was trapped in a featureless metal room. One patch of wall was shiny. There was a wooden table, but no other furnishings. Neither were there windows, doors, or convenient ventilation hatches. How did the man escape?
— Tiger Spot

He freed himself from the chains of ignorance and desire.


I really like this one. I like the creepiness, but also the implications it has for the canon stories.
— Sparrowhawk



If I were Ellen, I would’ve asked for my heart’s desire back.
— Jason

That’d probably be best. ^_^


Ms. Teacher, I have a question! Pick me! If 1,167 people migrated or naquient into happy valley in the past five years, and the pigmy lemurs could be ANYONE, wouldn’t the Valley People be more nervous?
— Kinra

The President has in fact upgraded the terror warning for Happy Valley to purple. That’s even more nerve-wracking than mauve!


Am I the only one who is considering actually cooking and eating tidy joes?
— Sparrowhawk

If you do, you have to submit a picture!

That’s it for now! Thanks for reading, thanks for commenting—even if you didn’t get thanked for a compliment or picked for a specific response—and see you again this coming month!

Oh. And:

Wow. Something has definitely happened. I just wish I knew what it was.
— Sparrowhawk

I’ll be talking more about what happened between Questions and Answers and The Chorus of Definition soon. ^_^