Posted on August 16, 2004 by Jenna

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It suddenly occurred to us that Kama’s identity and function might not have been obvious to the audience from context, what with him being obscure in non-Hindu culture and all. Sure, there were plenty of clues in his uniform, with its manifold subtleties and differences that indicated that this science fair student was responsible for maintaining human and inhuman interest in hoochie-coochie, marriage, and lust-related archery. But we can’t expect everyone to catch details like that!


Kama, for clarity, is the deity governing sensual desire. That’s why Mr. Schiff was so harsh on him—you can’t be a renunciate if the god of sensual desire is piercing you with perturbing arrows all the time! Why, with someone like Kama around, Mr. Schiff would probably be married by now, just like the cookie Norn’s fortune said.

Kama got burned up by a volcano, anyway, and that was sad, and would probably have meant the end of things for civilization and stuff; except that his science fair prize—


was resurrection.

But that’s another story!

For another day!

Now here’s a fantasy about King Earth.