It’s Just That Easy: “The Baby”

Posted on April 23, 2005 by Jenna

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Claire is pregnant. She doesn’t know what to do. She can’t afford a baby.

So she calls It’s Just That Easy!

“Don’t worry about it,” technician Jim assures her.

It turns out the baby is made of gold! He’s a long-eared Buddha statue baby. That happens sometimes in countries whose sculptors don’t know how to make Buddha statues properly.

But Claire calls back anyway. She’s kind of nervous.

“What is it?” asks technician Jim.

“My baby has three arms, and he doesn’t move,” Claire says.

“He’s made of gold,” Jim points out. “You couldn’t expect him to move.”

“That’s true,” concedes Claire. “But what about the arm?”

“Break it off and use it to pay the windfall tax,” Jim advises. “Then you’ll have a normal-shaped baby and you won’t have to face the complicated tax situations usually dealt with by people whose babies turn out to be precious yet freaky miracles!”

“Thanks, Jim!” says Claire.

It’s just that easy!