Hunting With Wolves

Posted on August 7, 2004 by Jenna

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This is a song that a wolf sings. It’s not a normal wolf. It’s a person who’s also a wolf. That’s important, because normal wolves don’t sing in English.

I hear the wind blow
Stranger in my ears than I would like it to be, so
Softly now, so softly now that the hunt has begun,
And all the pack runs.

Beneath me a blur
Run on stones, run on water;
And the air all astir
The hunt calls to her daughters.
Around me they race
Run on stones, run on water;
Feel the call of the chase:
Blood is calling to slaughter.

Snapping teeth, striking claws,
Softly now, softly now,
And all nature’s laws
Say react, live, and be now;
Harry, wound, turn away
Softly now, softly now,
Until the end of the prey,
And there’s nothing to see now.

If you must have a because,
If you asked of a Seer
What prey was, what it does:
It was born that it die here.
No matter why, should I die
And find myself far,
Still would I hunt through the skies,
And I would hunt down the stars.