Genealogy: The Monster

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Name and Species Description
Amiel (Nephilite) One of two children, probably sisters, spared from the destruction of Sodom.
Parentage Unknown
Siblings Lia*
Mates Unknown
Children Unknown
Name and Species Description
? (Nephilite) Amiel's daughter.
Parentage Unknown, Amiel
Siblings Unknown
Mates Himas
Children Pluto
Name and Species Description
Pluto (Undefined) She's not the god of the underworld.
Parentage Himas, Amiel's daughter
Siblings Unknown
Mates Zeus**
Children Tantalus

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Name and Species Description
Tantalus (Undefined) Though the favored son of Zeus, he was doomed by Amiel's blood. He could never become an Olympian god.
Parentage Zeus**, Pluto
Siblings None
Mates Dione
Children Niobe, Pelops, Broteas
Name and Species Description
Pelops (Undefined) Not nearly so much a monster as his heirs.
Parentage Tantalus, Dione
Siblings Niobe, Broteas
Mates Hippodamia, Danais
Children (Hippodamia) Alcathous, Astydamia, Atreus,
Cleones, Copreus, (Epidaurus),
Eurydice, Hippalcimus, Letreus,
Nicippe, Pittheus, (Sciron),
Sicyon, Thyestes, Troezen.
Children (Danais) Chrysippus
Name and Species Description
Thyestes (Monster) While Tantalus' crimes and Myrtilus' anger played a part, it's with Thyestes that Amiel's line becomes a line of monsters.
Parentage Pelops, Hippodamia
Siblings Alcathous, Astydamia, Atreus,
Cleones, Copreus, (Epidaurus),
Eurydice, Hippalcimus, Letreus,
Nicippe, Pittheus, (Sciron),
Sicyon, Troezen.
Half-Siblings Chrysippus
Mates Aerope*, a Naiad, Pelopia*
Children (Aerope) Pelopia*
Children (a Naiad) Aglaus,Callileon, Orchomenus,
(Tantalus 2), Plisthenes.
Children (Pelopia) Aegisthus
Name and Species Description
Aegisthus (Monster) "Look you now," says Zeus, of Aegisthus, "how ready mortals are to blame the gods. It is from us, they say, that evils come, but they even of themselves, through their own blind folly, have sorrows beyond that which is ordained."
— The Odyssey
Parentage Thyestes, Pelopia*
Siblings None
Half-Siblings (Aerope) Pelopia*
Half-Siblings (a Naiad**) Aglaus, Callileon, Orchomenus,
(Tantalus 2), Plisthenes.
Mates Clytaemnestra
Children Erigone, Aletes

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Name and Species Description
Erigone (Unspecified) The most likely continuation of the monster's line is Erigone, to Penthilus, to Damasius, to Agorius, whose unknown descendants eventually linked into Assyria's royal line and brought forth Sennacherib.
Parentage Aegisthus, Clytaemnestra
Siblings Aletes
Mates Orestes
Children Penthilus
Name and Species Description
Sennacherib (Monster) King of Assyria from 705 to 681 BCE
Parentage Sargon II, Unknown
Siblings Unknown
Mates Tashmetum-sharrat
Children Esarhaddon

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Name and Species Description
Esarhaddon (Unspecified) The most likely continuation of the monster's line is Esarhaddon, to Assurbanipal II, to Adad-guppi, to Nabonidus, to Nebuchadnezzar or Belshazzar, producing the current monster many generations later.
Parentage Sennacherib, Tashmetum-sharrat
Siblings Unknown
Mates Unknown
Children Assurbanipal II, Ashur-etil-same-irsiti-uballit-su, Shamash-shuma-ukin

() denotes genealogical information subject to debate.
* Probably of Lia's line
** Divine entity

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