He [builds]. He creates. He gives integrity to the world. He works, very hard, for a very long time.
Then comes the axe: first for the wogly, and then for Bob.

Fetches are a kind of god. They sever things from the world, seal them away in labyrinths, maze the paths so that the outside and the inside may never learn of one another. They may bury true things so thoroughly as to make them false, save only for the existence of the fetch: thus we say that they are secret-keeping gods.

Known fetches include
Bob, who hid Jenna from the monster in the firewood world;
Daedalus, god of the labyrinth;
Ii Ma, who keeps the place without recourse; and
Yasodhara, who kept the secret of Prajapati’s suffering

Fetches are close cousins to the contemners and the demons, but they are not limited by moral judgment in what things they lock away.