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Posted on April 15, 2005 by Jenna

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To her it seems pointless to search for meaning in the unmapped chaos.
— tem2

Where else would you find it?


“Don’t you know that there are people in the middle of next week?”
— rpuchalsky

Oh, man! That means I’ll have to actually write Chapter 3, doesn’t it.


“(Self-torturing puppies are) a good idea, actually.”
— Ben

Unsettlingly accurate depiction of Central philosophy. ^_^


he had been displaying boundless love for all the creatures of the universe, and that can take longer than you think.
— nemryn

For convenience, let us say ten thousand cycles of the world.


The vast bulk of the gods that have been observed by modern theozoologists have been connected in some way to human beings with divine ancestry.
— Eric

What is a human?


“So my existence is justified, really.”
— the monster, as written by Metal Fatigue

Sadly, even if this is true, this doesn’t really answer Jane’s questions, any more than calling him the monster does. ^_^

Gr! Who does the monster think he is, anyway, getting up on stage and saying things that don’t advance the plot?


There is a flash of light and a whisper of expanding dust.
— David Goldfarb

He really is killable, isn’t he? ^_^


“I’d tell you the next kingdom is nicer, but there is only the sea to the east, the stone to the west, and the snows to the north.”
— November

Nobody ever chooses the stone!

But there are those who choose the sea. ^_^


“I am Indra, king of the gods, and it is my karma to turn you into a rose.”
— David Goldfarb

One wonders what unresolved baggage created this karma.


Shadows exist to reflect the truth of the world, and to read Hitherby Dragons collections.
— Egarwaen

Rock on. Rock on.


If I, too
Could clip a halo-light on to my collar
Deadpan “I am an angel from God”
And become a religious experience

— rpuchalsky

There are times when I’ve been tempted to try this, but it’s dangerous on so many levels!


defeat it by throwing her sombrero at it
— GoldenH

Impromptu Shuriken Improvisation Style! It’s a flat-out necessary Charm for every young cowboy and cowgirl who wants to be a ninja.


“Just what would it mean if Martin is an angel? How would that be different than if he’s something fundamentally new?”
— David Goldfarb

Angels are well-defined!

… okay, they’re vaguely defined, but they are defined. They have a definition. It’s back in the appendices to chapter one. ^_^