“I can’t help giving that answer,” Thysiazo says. “It’s what demons do. We teach you to accept whatever is necessary to bear. And our answers go straight into your soul.”
–from Surrender (1 of 2)

Demons are a kind of god. They illumine a path by which one can strip experience and purpose from the world. They help you reduce reality to a wash of inchoate and directionless sensation. The power of a demon is sufficient to protect people from torturous experience and shatter misconception; hence we say, demons teach acceptance. In practice, it is a rare demon who teaches anything more than nihilism, dissociation, and banal passivity.

Is the acceptance of a demon the same as the acceptance taught by a liquor bottle? And is either of these the same as the hard-learned acceptance of calm and spiritual practice? At this time, we cannot say.

Known demons include

Maya, queen of illusion, who laughs at pain because pain is part of life;
Rahu, a mysterious planet in Vedic astrology; and
Thysiazo, a servant of the monster, slain by Tainted John.

But enough about demons! (Though you can find more here.) Let’s look at something else!