Cuneiform Bats

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Sick sock, sick sock, 1 2 3
Sick sock, sick sock, what’ll it be?

Today on Sick Sock Hitherby, the exciting “I’m too sick to write” intermission wherein you are the audience, it’s random facts about bats!

Bats are made of clay. Flap flap flap CUNEIFORM!

Cuneiform is a special form of scratchy writing made for writing on bats. This only worked in the ancient world when bats were made of a special rich clay. You can’t write cuneiform on just any clay! For example, writing on vampire bats is difficult. First, they wriggle. Second, they drink your blood. Third, they’re not a rich enough clay for writing. That’s why the Amazon, which has more vampire bats per capita than Babylon, took so long to develop writing—their only handy parchment was the noble piranha!

Also, bats eat insects!

Flap flap flap.

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