Comments On the S.3930 and H.R. 6166 Bills

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September 30, 2006 (originally a “page” rather than a post, so the date is an estimate.)

In this act we have lost the structural integrity of law; it is as if we have replaced the plate glass windows in the capital with spun sugar.

The monster observes, “Thus Congress attacks the Executive. A man without limits is a man without brakes; he falls screaming into insanity.”

Martin notes: “The more we hurt someone, the more we hate them.”

As for Jane, she’s playing in her room, not much affected. She already knew that there is a voice in the world that cries out against restraint and honesty as if they were the uttermost of torments. Why should she be surprised?

In the end, she smugly whispers to her Barbies, the voice that looks at everyone in the world and cries, “How cool you are!” instead will win. And if they doubt her, if they think that she is or may be wrong, the Barbies do not say.

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