Character Profile: the Angel Four

Angels fill emptiness with hope. They’re “a kind of isn’t, ” Ms. Bell says—“Like fairies. But more so.”

Four of them—the evasive angel, the realistic angel, the magical angel, and the forbidden angel—have formed a team. This is the Angel Four.

Evasive Angel’s a girl. She’s wearing a jacket. It’s got holes for the wings. It’s got a big logo on the back that says “Evasive A.” She’s got a halo. The dogs can’t get a hold on her. It’s not that they’re bad at biting. It’s not that they don’t want to bite her. It’s just a part of who Evasive A is.
The Angels (III/IV)

Evasive A, born Pelopia, has shoulder-length black hair, a halo, and muddy blue eyes. She’s Greek. She’s fairly short. She looks to be in her late 20s, but she is roughly 3250 years old. Like all angels, she wears a jacket. Hers says, “Evasive A” and has holes for her wings.

Her mother is Aerope. Her father is Thyestes. She has two half-brothers, Agamemnon and Menelaus.

In 1223 BCE, her father decided to sire a child, Aegisthus, on her, in order to ensure his revenge against her uncle Atreus. Later, Pelopia sought Helen out and asked her to “make things different.” Helen promised that after Thyestes’ death Pelopia would become immortal.

Standing on her father’s grave, Pelopia swore that if anyone could catch her, their plans would succeed. This promise transformed her, and no doubt she’s capable of keeping it. But who could catch her? She’s Evasive Angel!

Sometime between 1974 and the present, she met Jenna. There are implications that both Evasive Angel and Thyestes’ grave were stored in the tunnels at the time of this meeting.

Aegisthus sees the chariot of Hades, charging across the world, with captive Persephone in Hades’ arms. Then the nymph Cyane rises from the stream. She spreads her arms to bar Hades’ way.

“‘No,'” Aegisthus says, watching the image of her mouth. “‘No,’ she says, and ‘Go no further! This maiden must be asked, not taken.'”

Then Hades smites the spring, and the world cracks open, and his chariot gallops down into the Underworld, and the waters of the spring seal over. Cyane weeps, and as she cries, she loses substance, until the spring and nymph alike are nothing but her tears.
Aegisthus (IV/IV)

Magic A, born the nymph Cyane, has dark reddish hair, a halo, and lightly colored eyes. She’s Greek, extremely pretty, and medium-height. She’s of an indeterminate age. She wears a jacket reading, “Magic A,” with holes for her wings.

Cyane died as one of the consequences of Persephone’s kidnapping, but Aegisthus recreated her as one of his gods. She swore to free Persephone from her prison, and in so doing became Magic Angel, able to “do anything, but only sometimes.” She played an integral part in the development of the line of monsters, although not precisely by choice, and immediately afterwards kept Pelopia from committing suicide.

“I can provide a pragmatic evaluation of any situation,” says Realistic A.
The Angels (III/IV)

Realistic A has brown hair, gold-toned hazel eyes, a halo, and an Irish look to her. She wears a jacket labelled “Realistic A.” Her origins are unknown.

Erin carefully hangs up the phone. She looks at the phone. “I don’t want you to do this,” she says. “Don’t think about me.”

Her head’s full of white and fire.

Erin stands. She goes to the bathroom. She looks in the mirror. She has white-blond hair. It falls to her waist. She’s wearing a jacket. She closes her eyes. It feels like fading.

“It’s only wounds.”
It’s Only Wounds (I/I)

Erin has white-blond waist-length hair and blue eyes. She’s tall. She looks to be in her twenties, and this may be close to the truth. She wears a jacket reading, “Forbidden A,” with holes for her wings.

Erin made two separate attempts, sometime after Columbine, to become an angel. On the first attempt, she promised that her friend Branwen wouldn’t have to think about her any more; this failed because she made the promise “out of weakness.” On the second attempt, she promised that her mother would “think brightly of me. That she’ll love me. That she doesn’t want to hurt me. That it’s only wounds.” This made her Forbidden A, whose special power is that people aren’t supposed to think about her, but do so anyway.

“Ignore her,” says Magic A. “We’re the Angel Four, and we’re here to make sure you can push this naughty CEO!”
The Angels (III/IV)

The Angel Four is now (or was recently) at the Gibbelins’ Tower, where they watched the show for thirteen days before Forbidden A spoke to Jane about various and sundry matters.