This is a capture of all the Continuity posts of Hitherby Dragons. It includes all the historical and current-day events of the ongoing story. It also includes select Legends, primarily those concerning Ink’s continuing adventures, and those concerning Jane and Martin. In the first case, it is because Ink is the only recurrent Legends character with a consistent continuity of her own. In the second case, it is to strengthen the representations of the personalities and relationships of those characters who are so very central to the story.There are many other recurring characters in Hitherby Dragons who are intriguing or even endearing. But for their stories, you’ll have to go to the source.

Note: This does not include apparently-unrelated mini-stories such as Unclean Legacy and House of Saints. Sorry. Those are usually clustered together, so not nearly as hard to read through.

Introduction (Dragons)

In the old days, they didn’t know very much about the world. But they made maps anyway. If they had to map something they couldn’t, they just drew whatever they felt like and wrote, “Here there be dragons.”

Someone found Hitherby Dragons by asking google whether dragons are real.

If you tried to map the world today, you could detail every inch of the world’s surface. Satellites could show you every forest and every bush, every mountain and every field. They could show you your house and mine. There are no empty spaces left.

We don’t know very much about the world; and there are things to map of it besides its surface.

Can broken things be remade?
Can destinies change?
Is it worth the risk of hope?
Important questions, but one can only shrug, you see.

Here, there be dragons.

Chapter One

Legend: The Truth

The Monster (I/IV)
The Hero (II/IV)
The Angels (III/IV)
The Shadow (IV/IV)

Jane: Two Great Tastes
Jane: Dumping Glue on a Log
Jane: Scanning Things
Jane: Avoiding the Use of Exclamation Points

The Tunnels (I/IV)
The Forest (II/IV)
The Castle (III/IV)
The Stage (IV/IV)

Martin: Martin visits Liz

Jane: Stomping
Jane: Jane Confronts the Problem of Martin

Daniel (I/IV)
Alan (II/IV)
Bob (III/IV)
Martin (IV/IV)

Jane: The Awa

It’s Only Wounds (I/I)

Jane: The Girl and the Rat

Micah (1 of 2)
Liril (2 of 2)

Jane: Classifying Things

Tantalus (I/IV)
Pelops (II/IV)
Thyestes (III/IV)
Aegisthus (IV/IV)

Jane: An Old Sock
Jane: Jane’s Father

(Ink in) The Tower

Jane: Static

(Good Friday) Tenebrae (I/I)

Saturday (1 of 2)
Ink in an Interlude
Sunday (2 of 2)

The Flower (I/IV)
Myths and Heroes (II/IV)
Remnants (III/IV)
People of Salt (IV/IV)

Mei Ming (I/I)

Surrender (1 of 2)
Tunnel Rat (I/IV)
The Show (II/IV)
Jane (III/IV)
The Stone (IV/IV)
Questions and Answers (2 of 2)

Genealogy: The Monster
Genealogy: The People of Salt
A Summary of the Metaphysics

Jane: The Remembering People
Jane: Covered in Bugs

Chapter Two

A handful
of dust fell from his hand.
“This is a season of metal,” he said.

Ink in an Introduction
The Unsubstantiated Assertions Fairy (II/II)
Jane: Its Second Stage
Priyanka (I/II)

Ink in the Wrong Allegory

Jane: Scrape. Scrape. Crunch.

Maya: The Summoning of the King (I/?)

The Footsoldiers (I/I)

At the Temple (II/II)
Shame (I/II)

Jane: Ways of Avoiding Migraines
Jane: The Big World

Maya: The Dove (II/?)

The Contemner (I/I)

An Answer to Emptiness (II/II)
The Rent in the Fullness of the World (I/II)

The Place Without Recourse (I/I)

The Chorus of Definition (1 of 1)

Hero and Monster (I/IV)
Mylitta’s Question (II/IV)
Belshazzar (III/IV)
Nabonidus’ Gods (IV/IV)

Jane: The Silver Standard
Jane: An Old Stocking

Maya: Devadatta and Various Killers (III/?)
Maya: The Miracle (IV/?)

Jane: Jane’s Terrifying Story of Near-Halloween Horror

Maya: The Betrothal (V/?)

Why the Monster Laughs at God (1 of 1)

Every Log Cabin (I/I)

Jane: Jane Talking
Jane: Chasing Away the Blues
Jane: Careful Attention to Calendars
Jane: Bankers Do It With Interest
Jane: Johnny Pancake

Tina (I/IV)
Iphigenia (II/IV)
Sacrifice (3 of 4)
Rahu (IV/IV)

Transformation (1 of 1)

The Old Man of the Sea (1 of 2)
A Raw Deal for Creepy Handwriting Girl (2 of 2)

Ink and Illogic

The Fable of the Lamb (1 of 2)
Tigers in their Cages (2 of 2)

The Birth of Persephone (I/III)
The Treasure Wheel (II/III)
Hades (III/III)

Before He Was Cool (I/I)

The Toucan Clock (I/I)

The Sifter (I/I)
“Why Can’t I Fix You?” (I/II)
Legend: The Sifter
“There are Stars in Your Eyes, Elli” (II/II)
Legend: Legend of the Wheel

Maya: The Old Man (VII/?)

Martin and Lisa (I/III)
Martin and Thess (II/III)
Martin and the Woglies (III/III)

Maya: The Sick Man (VIII/?)
Maya: (Maundy Thursday) The Corpse (IX/?)
(Good Friday - Hitherby Annual #1 - I/I) Tre Ore
(Holy Saturday) Stories of Deliverance

Jane: Adjective Noun

Tantalus Looks for Work (1 of 1)

Chapter Three

Truth is not lost.

Reinterpreting Bad Milk (I/I)

Jane: The Incredible Alchemy Elixir
Jane: The Incredible Alchemy Elixir (Continued)
Jane: Depending on Shoes

Ink in Perspective

Truth is Not Lost (1 of 1)

Martin: G-Rated Pornography

Jacob, His Runt, The Angel, and the Maw (1 of 3)
On the Endings of Stories (2 of 3)
The Army (3 of 3)

Jane: (Sweeping Day) The Street, and What Happened There

Ink is Backstage: “Unexplorable Places”

Ink is Backstage: “Accidental Dispositions”

Regarding Ink’s Intermission (1 of 1)

Iphigenia’s Story (1 of 1)

Ink is Backstage: “It Means Something Good”

Jane: The Rainbow Wolves

Boisterous Immortal (I/IV)
Wishing Boy (II/IV)
The Unrighteous Daughter (III/IV)
The Water (4 of 4)

The Thistle (I/IV)
Never (II/IV)
The Route to Never (III/IV)
The Borders of the World (IV/IV)

(Canon: Boedromion 14) The Growing God
(History: Boedromion 15) Round Man vs. Manners
(Boedromion 16: Legend, History, History) Three Short Bits
(History: Boedromion 17: The Cakkavattisihananda Sutra)
(Boedromion 18: Static)
(History: Boedromion 19: Delicious Pomegranate!)
(History: Boedromion 20: The Only Fruit That Tastes Like Dust)
(History: Boedromion 21-22: Things and Choices)

Jane: Containment
Jane: No Innards, No Problem
Jane: The Broader Context of Her Personal Reality
Jane: The Clash

Ink in Emptiness: the Lord of Suburbia
Ink in Emptiness: The Mirror Cracks

Hard on the Heels of Ink’s Legend (1 of 1)

Jane: No Actual Bears Were Harmed

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