(Bonus) The Count, in Nobilis

Posted on December 22, 2010 by Jenna

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The Count

Count of The Count


Aspect 0 (5 AMP)
Domain 3 (5 DMP)
Persona 0 (5 PMP)
Treasure 2 (5 TMP)

The Count: Meaning/Estate Properties

[2] The Count may bind all finite things.
[2] To Count the Count to zero is to bend the world awry.
[1] The Count commands the cardinals, and kneels only to the ordinals of the world.
[1] The Count begins in blood; and
[1] That which is true of the Count, and of the Count of the Count, is thereby true for all.


Active Immortality
Natural Weapon (Fangs)
Shapeshifting (Bat)

Bonds and Afflictions

[3] Affliction: The Count cannot tell you how to get to Sesame Street. The Count may only count the ways in which you are inadequate to it.
[3] Affliction: The Count must Count.
[2] Affliction: The Count is a blood-drinking vampiric muppet of the night.
[1] Affliction: The Count is hunted by Pope Benedict’s Inquisition.
[1] Affliction: The Count may be summoned and compelled in Romania’s hour of need.
[1] Affliction: A child must count to three hundred before the Count may feed.
[3] Bond: The Count desires to count.
[1] Bond: The Count commands through counting the fullest power of the storm.

Passions and Skills

(Superior) Counting 4
(Superior) Strength 1
Singing 2
Pedagogy 1


The Count wields both a thundercloud and the Crimson Curia, an unruly collection of counting numbers pledged and ghouled to him through the sacrament of Blood Communion. The thundercloud serves principally to protect him from the terrible light of the sun; the Crimson Curia helps children learn their letters and numbers and extorts protection money from the various residents and businesses of the Street.