(Bonus) Sid, in Nobilis

Posted on July 5, 2010 by Jenna

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Excrucian Strategist

This is an Excrucian Strategist whose dharma is incompatible with the world’s.

Aspect 7 (7 AMP)
Domain —
Persona —
Treasure 3 (7 TMP)
[4] Affliction: My thoughts are knives. Durant
[4] Affliction: Max. Elusive
[3] Bond: Slacker. Eternal
[2] Bond: I hide in a body made of clay, and wear a feather in its hair. Glorious
[2] Bond: I wield a wheel of knives. Soul-Carving “Sword”
[1] Affliction: I have chosen to forgive. Wayfinder
Worldwalker (+5 Strike)
World-Breaker’s Hand


In Nob3, Strategists don’t really have a way to stay in the world for good; even dying’s not enough!

That makes me sad for Sid. But! Nobilis is the kind of game where you can change that in play with enough spent Destiny, so I’m just going to lump it under “things that could be fixed by a Jane victory.” Or possibly even just under the outcome of the Island of the Centipede arc; depends on what happens if Sid gets slaughtered by something bigger than a siggort between now and the end of the story, I suppose.

Best wishes,

who’ll have to be well and productive for a long time before Hitherby really gets going again and finishes, in part because she needs healthy financial and social life for that as well as functional brain, but does admit that she expects to pick it up again.