(Bonus) Prince Gérard of Amber, in Nobilis

Posted on December 4, 2010 by Jenna

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Prince Gérard

Power of the One True World


Aspect 0 (5 AMP)
Domain 2 (5 DMP)
Persona 1 (5 PMP)
Treasure 4 (5 TMP)


Paramount Strength

Bonds and Afflictions

[4] Bond: What I can grasp, I can crush.
[4] Bond: I’m loyal to Amber.
[3] Affliction: I’m a simple man.
[2] Bond: I command the navies of Amber.
[2] Bond: I protect the seas of the Golden Circle.
[2] Affliction: Scion of Amber.

The last Affliction is generic; every Prince or Princess of Amber for whom being a Prince or Princess of Amber is frequently problematic has it at some level.

Passions and Skills

(Superior) Sailor 1
Skill: Be the Man Your Man Should Smell Like 3*
Skill: Be Underestimated 2
Skill: Sailing Man 1
Skill: Administration 1
Shine 1

  • note that this is at a lower level than the actual man that one’s man should smell like would have.

Gérard’s Strength

I’m not inclined to give Gérard superior strength or stamina because Paramount Strength, Durant, and the “What I can grasp, I can crush” Bond pretty much have that covered. If you want his strength to be non-miraculous for some reason, though, or to have both miraculous and non-miraculous strength, it’s pretty easy to replace either the “Paramount Strength” Gift or the Durant Gift with, say,

Superior Strength 3,
Superior Stamina 1, and
Superior Size 1.