(Bonus) Prince Corwin of Amber, in Nobilis

Posted on July 7, 2010 by Jenna

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Prince Corwin

Power of the One True World

Mixing things up today! There’ll be more Hitherby cast at some point, but today, in response to a request over at rpg.net, an Amberite.

The way I’d handle Amberites:

  • They’re all Powers of “the One True World” or something similar. If they had more than one Estate they wouldn’t be fighting over it all the time.
  • Their improved stamina and strength is considered mundane—any Aspect levels are over and above that.


Aspect 1 (10 AMP)
Domain 0 (10 DMP)
Persona 3 (10 PMP)
Treasure 2 (10 TMP)



Bonds and Afflictions

[4] Bond: My dirty tricks are effective.
[2] Bond: I’m drawn to Deirdre.
[2] Bond: I hate Prince Eric.
[2] Affliction: Amnesiac. [I must have troubles I don’t know about.]
[1] Affliction: Scion of Amber.
[1] Bond: I’m drawn to the kingdom of Avalon.
[1] Bond: I claim Grayswandir, the Night Blade.
[1] Bond: I’m fond of my horse Star.

Passions and Skills

Superior Quality: Strength 1
Superior Quality: Stamina 2
Skill: Swordsmanship 2
Skill: Military Leader 1
Skill: Unreliable Narrator 1
Cool 1
Shine 3