(Bonus) Prince Benedict of Amber, in Nobilis

Posted on December 5, 2010 by Jenna

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Prince Benedict

Power of the One True World


Aspect 3 (7 AMP)
Domain 1 (7 DMP)
Persona 2 (7 PMP)
Treasure 1 (7 TMP)



Bonds and Afflictions

[5] Affliction: Invincible
[3] Bond: Student of war.
[2] Bond: I don’t want power.
[2] Affliction: Scion of Amber
[1] Bond: I’m drawn to Avalon.
[1] Bond: I have a terrifying reputation.

Passions and Skills

Superior Quality: Leadership 2
Superior Quality: Tactics 2
Superior Quality: Stamina 1
Passion: Quiet Competence 3
Passion: Plenty of information that isn’t “first in warfare” available on the web -1
Cool 3
Shine 2

Benedict’s superior qualities are a bit redundant, much like Gérard’s, but unlike Gérard he doesn’t have any miraculous abilities that are strictly better, so I left them in.

This is a pretty simple take. I don’t have Chronicles of Amber or the Amber RPG with me in China.

P.S. I’m editing the other Amberites to be Immutable. ^_^