(Bonus) Maya, in Nobilis

Posted on December 4, 2010 by Jenna

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Near the city of Sodom lives a man named Lot, and he takes many guests within his house. Yet when he serves them meals, and offers them salt, his wife says, “None yet, my husband. There is none.”
— from “The Flower (I/IV)

Power of the Third Tyranny

Maya’s one of those characters who has major character traits I haven’t really mentioned. I’m going to go ahead and say that she started out as a demon, became a Noble around the time when she picked up the all-conquering treasure wheel, and picked up “I am a light along the path” in a later adventure that I haven’t shown you yet.

The Third Tyranny is a bit weird as Estates go. The simplest way to explain it is as a state of affairs: when she uses a lesser creation, say, to invoke the Third Tyranny, she’s restoring elements of that state of affairs. She takes us back, for a moment, to a world where everything had a purpose, and a truth, and a dharma; where each thing is itself, exactly; and where the world is a jewel of immaculate perfection cracking—but not yet cracked—under the burden of the suffering that it demands.

The Third Tyranny: Substance

– We have a purpose.
– We have a truth.
– We are incandescent with our love.

– We are attached to that which hurts us.
– We are suffering.
– We are causing ourselves to suffer.

– Our suffering is a wound upon the world.

The Third Tyranny: Meaning/Estate Properties

[1] The Third Tyranny is the nature of the world.
[1] The Third Tyranny is a perfect and unbroken jewel.
[1] The Third Tyranny is a wheel, and where it rolls it conquers.
[1] The Third Tyranny is shattered beneath the weight of our suffering.
[1] The Third Tyranny makes each thing itself exactly.
[1] The Third Tyranny has cracked, revealing emptiness.
[1] The Third Tyranny burns with purpose, love, and want.


Aspect 0 (5 AMP)
Domain 5 (5 DMP)
Persona 0 (5 PMP)
Treasure 1 (5 TMP)


Active Immortality

Bonds and Afflictions

[5] Affliction: I am illusion.
[4] Affliction: I am a light along the path.
[3] Bond: The Broken Wheel
[2] Bond: Demons teach acceptance.

Passions and Skills

(Superior) Goddess of Illusion 4
(Superior) Prophesy 1
Skill: Pragmatism 2
Skill: Knowledgeable 1
Skill: Cooking -1