(Bonus) Martin, in Nobilis

Posted on June 30, 2010 by Jenna

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Excrucian Warmain

Aspect 1 (5 AMP)
Domain 2 (You) (5 DMP) [2] You deserve me.
[2] You could be better.
[1] You could say that.
[1] You make me laugh.
[1] You don’t even know.
Persona —
Treasure 3 (5 TMP)
[4] Bond: Suffering transforms. Glorious
[3] Bond: I trust Jane. Eternal
[3] Affliction: I love the great and awful things. Elusive
[2] Affliction: I create what I know. Worldwalker
[1] Affliction: I’m Jane’s brother. Skill: Making 3
[1] Bond: I care about the tower. Skill: Fixing 3
[1] Bond: I care about my people. Skill: Theater 2
[1] Bond: I never take off my cynicism goggles. Not even for winking! Cool 1


Now that I have Nob3 complete, a quick take on Martin! I couldn’t find anywhere to write his health levels without making the page look bad, so I guess you don’t get to kill him. ^_^

In theory it is still possible that playtesting, editing, or waking up in the night going “ack I forgot that Martin does (a thing, such as Martin does)” will require that something change. But it seems unlikely!

Best wishes,