(Bonus) Jane, in Nobilis

Posted on June 30, 2010 by Jenna

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Magistra of the Wild (Excrucian Mimic)

Aspect 0 (5 AMP)
Domain 0 (History, Legendry, Severance, Chaos, Awakening, the Vasty Deeps) (5 DMP)
Persona 2 (The Vasty Deeps) (5 PMP)
Persona 0 (History, Legendry, Severance, Chaos, Awakening)
Treasure 3 (5 TMP)
[3] Affliction: I’m trouble. Active Immortality
[3] Affliction: I make gods when emptied.
[2] Affliction: I love my brother.
[2] Bond: I love my friends. Passion: I want to hide 3
[1] Bond: I want to make it better. Skill: Scene-Stealing 2
[1] Bond: I want to find answers (to learn, to grow, to understand). Skill: Font of Deity 2
[1] Affliction: I have hope. Skill: Endurance 1
[1] Affliction: I will tell. Skill: Theatre 0
[1] Bond: I can’t forget the monster. Skill: Baking 0
[1] Bond: I’m entangled with Necessity and the imago. Shine 2


She changed more in porting her over to the Nobilis system than Martin did. It is probably worth note that the Passion and most of the Skills are legacies from before Martin, while the Bonds and Afflictions were reengineered at around the time Bob died.

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