(Bonus) Iphigenia, in Nobilis

Posted on July 6, 2010 by Jenna

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Sun Goddess

(Superior) Sun Goddess 4
Passion: I *like* people 2
Passion: I don’t want to be eaten 1
Passion: I want things to be right and proper 1
Skill: Theatre 0


This is a pretty minimalist take. It could very easily be argued that she has properly miraculous powers, but that’d either mean that Mr. Sun from her origin is her Imperator; or that somebody from Central is (blagh!); or that the Sun falls under Jane’s purview; which I don’t think it ought.

Instead being the sun makes it possible for her to do many of the things she does as level 0-4 mundane actions, and acts as an untraceable invisible always-with-her very-long-range super-accurate rocket launcher when she gets into a fight, which would be great if she ever fought the kind of people that such things are useful against voluntarily.

I mean, if you were playing a Hitherby Dragons game using the Nobilis engine, and a player wanted to be Iphigenia, totally, she’s a Power, but for maximum setting fidelity, this, I think, is a more accurate build. ^_^

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