(Bonus) Broderick, in Nobilis

Posted on July 9, 2010 by Jenna

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Power of Legendry

Broderick is a llama with a gentle spirit.

Aspect 1 (5 AMP)
Domain 2 (5 DMP) [2] Legends remake history.
Persona 3 (5 PMP) [1] Legends make sense of the world.
[1] Legends encode procedural data as semantic content.
[1] Legends explain away what didn’t happen.
[1] Legends stir the chaos and open up the gardens of the world.
[1] Legends wake.
Treasure 0 (5 TMP)
[4] Bond: Fabulous actor and player. Durant
[4] Bond: Love for the Gibbelins’ tower crew. Eternal
[2] Bond: I don’t want to take human shape. Shapeshifting (anything living)
[2] Affliction: I am allergic to disaster. Wayfinder
[1] Affliction: I can’t remember my original form.
Skill: Rat 2
Skill: Parrot 2
Skill: Gazelle and/or Zebra 1
Skill: Redacted for spoilers! 1
Skill: Deceive health inspectors 1
Cool 1
Shine 3


At last, an example Power! Broderick does not have an actual theater-related skill; the Bond suffices. ^_^

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