Bam (IIa/III)

Posted on March 25, 2011 by Jenna

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“I ran away from Billy,” Melanie says.

She is holding her feet. She is sitting on the empty bed across from Liril’s. It is 1985.

“I don’t want to be afraid of him,” she says.

“You should find a really old ghost,” Liril says. “And tie it to your soul. Then, if he tries to hit you, bam! It can stick its claws through Billy’s eyes.”

“Like that’ll happen,” Melanie says.

Liril shrugs.

“Stuff happens,” she says.


“If you go to Jericho,” Liril says, “and you rip a string from a grangler’s cord, and tie it to your hair, then you’ll have a grangler. Then it goes like I said.”

And Melanie says, “Oh.”

Liril grins at Melanie. Later they braid one another’s hair.

“You won’t have to run,” she says.