(Audience) The Emperor of Time

Posted on January 14, 2006 by Jenna

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Time has stopped!

In the grand citadel of the Emperor of Time, an adorable chocolate rabbit struggles to pull the lever that will start time up again.

It has been a long journey. He has traveled past the pits of snapping ligers (half-lime, half-tiger). He has ducked beneath the flying discs of the palace guard. He has the spear of a Cyclope’s thunderbolt still thrust through the muscle of his shoulder. That’s why he’s so bloody. That’s why he’s so weak.

From the balconies above, the dashing courtiers and handsome ladies of the court of time look down. They are admiring, approving, smiling; it would be discourteous to show how much they yearn for time to end.

The rabbit can’t pull the heavy lever on his own! It’s up to YOU!