(Audience) Static and the Sea

Posted on August 27, 2005 by Jenna

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This is a legend of Mr. Kong.

They say when Mr. Kong was young, he too loved the delicious chocolate flavor of Kui-ke brand flavored milk. He had a clubhouse very much like the Qwik Club’s. Like them, he would help out Superman whenever Superman got into trouble, and otherwise perform tasks helpful to the moral development of the State of Lu.

Perhaps this is why the Qwik Club is in the mood for Confucian fables today—or perhaps it’s the frustrating static over the sea, drowning out the histories of young Confucius that are shown even now in the distant Gibbelins’ Tower. Quick, Qwik Club, to work! Pierce the static and find meaning in the emptiness!

Such is your filial piety.