(Audience Replies) Thank You!

Posted on August 29, 2006 by Jenna

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Thank you! Thank you!

Your good wishes may have tipped the balance. If not then I still appreciate them.

Here is something I often think.

It is the intentions we act with that matter. That’s all. Because we can’t control outcomes. But we can’t see one another’s intentions. They’re mysteries. So we must focus on outcomes to understand what has happened and what others might have intended.

I do not mean to discard the scientific theories of causation.

Theories of causation rule.

But in the end they are a tool for shaping our own intentions.

We act on the theories of science when the intention to use reason or, put another way, the valuing of validation and doubt is a part of our own intent.

So here is what I know.

Your good wishes, if I may trust that you felt them, are good.

And the outcome was good.

I think it will be two weeks before the last doubt goes away. But already one of my dearest friends is … as close to better as I could hope for. The doubt is smaller than the doubt that any of us will survive a year.

Perhaps something bad will turn up in two weeks at the neuro eval.

Perhaps I will be hit by a bus tomorrow, or the world will rise up in unjustified revolt against ice cream and banish it from the world.

So I can think of no scientific theory that would connect your good wishes to the favorable outcome that I observe.

But I can judge things by the outcome.

You have wished well, so it seems; it has happened well, so it appears; I have asked for these things, and received them; so, what matters causation?

Thank you, and blessed be you all.

Best wishes for a speedy and complete recovery.
— David Goldfarb

Thank you!

(And thank you to those of you with similar thoughts, who did not post them.)

Yes, I hope everything goes well for your friend. (And for you!)
— Graeme

Thank you!

Things went well, although she says that she still looks like she lost a few fights and I am still quite short on sleep.

My best wishes; here’s hoping that your friend’s stay is a good one.
— rpuchalsky

Regrettably wishes cannot affect the past* and so it was already doomed to be an unpleasant stay in some respects.

However the hospital staff were very nice.

  • Although the past is strangely difficult to define. Still, it seems clear that you cannot wish for a contradiction without inviting chimerae, so one may imagine the existing assumptions as a kind of past.

— rpuchalsky

Ominous title! ^_^

“Zhen Has Two Daddies, One Of Whom Is A Siggort”.
— rpuchalsky

This made me laugh. ^_^

Now, thinking about the story as a whole—

I think it’d be a good ending for them, as they are now. I think it’s sweet and kind of cool and it’s certainly an interesting reaction against what’s going on with them here and now in Hitherby.

At the same time I think that it is not time to close the book on them, as there is more going on with them that I want to talk about!

Here’s to a speedy recovery! Wishes of wellness all around.
— Ravious

Thank you! Perhaps they will form a breeding population and overwhelm the ecosystem. ^_^

*thinks good thoughts in vague direction of your friend*
— cariset

I knew I should have included GPS coordinates!

Thank you.

That’s all for now. I think there’s one more Island of the Centipede post this month, followed by a filler legend. We’ll see! See you again on Thursday, and thanks again for all the good wishes. I adore you all!

And, yay!