(Audience) Missing!

Posted on June 15, 2005 by Jenna

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It is, once again, the distant future, wherein the Qwik Club—a group of spunky youngsters who like to drink Qwik and read the collected volumes of _Hitherby Dragons_—strive to restore meaning to a temporarily meaningless world!

“Hey,” says the minuteman—the young person who takes the Club’s minutes and shoots their enemies with a minute gun—“Hey!”

The minuteman has a concern.

“I’ve been over and over the whole canon, and it never mentioned which angel that was in Jacob’s story—even though Rebecca practically admitted that it was one of the Angel Four. Plus, she never conclusively spoke on the whole ‘was Jacob really killed, either time?’ controversies! How can the world have meaning while these holes remain?”

It’s time for the Qwik Club to spring into action!

(Part 3 should be tomorrow. In the meantime, reviewing Audience rules:

You can post legends of your own in response to any post marked (Audience).

It’s recommended that you use them to think through the implications of a guess you have about what’s going on in Hitherby Dragons! Like “the legend where Martin is an angel” and “the legend where Martin is something fundamentally new.”

I won’t steal your ideas, but I get to if I want, and I’m definitely allowed to be inspired if you happen to inspire me. Or even just if I want to make an amusing parallelism between the work and the audience-told legends. I’m also allowed to just skim the legends rather than read them in depth. Or even ignore them! These are all basically legally necessary things.

Hitherby Dragons characters that show up in your legends aren’t Hitherby Dragons characters—they’re being played by members of the Qwik Club!

You can develop your own character set and names set, or you can share them with other legends posted in response to an (Audience) post. You can also start (Audience) threads in the forums on maps.

That does mean that you shouldn’t get offended if someone else posts featuring one of your Qwik Club characters.)