Hitherby Dragons

In the old days, they didn't know very much about the world. But they made maps anyway. If they had to map something they couldn't, they just drew whatever they felt like and wrote, "Here there be dragons."

We still don't know very much about the world; and there are things to map of it besides its surface.

Can broken things be remade?

Can destinies change?

Is it worth the risk of hope?

Important questions, but one can only shrug, you see:

Here, there be dragons.

Hitherby Dragons is a webserial by Jenna Katerin Moran, author of the tabletop RPGs Nobilis and Chuubo's Marvelous Wish-Granting Engine.

Jane and her brother Martin live in a tower hanging above the sea of chaos just off the coast from Santa Ynez. They (and their trusty cast of actors and backstagers) put on shows, as part of an ongoing attempt to understand, and then change, the world.

Most of the stories you see here are the stories performed by the cast at Gibbelin's Tower. Some are funny; some are sad. These stories are called legends, and you'll know a legend because it doesn't have any fancy labelling.

Other stories are things that actually happened in Martin and Jane's world. Some of this stuff happened to them, in the recent past, and some of it happened a long time ago. Some of them are happening right now, and are up-to-the-minute news. These stories are called histories, and you'll know a history because it has a number. If it's a Roman number, the history happened in the past. If it's an Arabic number, the history is going on right "now."

You can start at the beginning with What is Hitherby Dragons? and keep moving on from one entry to the next until you've finished. Or, if you're concerned about finishing the remaining entries in your lifetime, you can use the Next Canon Entry option to skip to the next history. The legends will still be here later.

The beginning: What is Hitherby Dragons?

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